Vashi’s House Of Jeans: A 30-YO Exclusive Place To Get Trendy, Custom-Fit Jeans Of All Types In Bengaluru

vashi's house of jeans

The iconic Vashi’s Jean Shack went through a couple of upheavals from shutting down, re-opening and shifting its venue. But the tradition of offering custom-fit jeans continued. The 30-year-old store now known as Vashi’s House of Jeans still offers you the trendiest jeans that it has been well known for more than three decades.

Awesome Stock Of Stylish Denim

What’s your style? Do you love boot cut, straight, skinny or printed like florals or ikat,  acid-washed denim? Well, whatever you think of and imagine is easily available at the Vashi’s House of Jeans in all sizes from petite, regular to plus sizes.

Importantly, the intention of the shop-owners here is to offer denim that flatters your body type. The prompt and trained staff make things easier as you choose from the myriad varieties in jeans.

They judge your style and suggest some latest choices. From trendy colored linen trousers to leggings for all body types and especially the Bangalore-style shorts that are highly effective as casual outfits for parties.

Once decided you can get the denim altered according to your size from the tailor sitting next door. So Vashi’s House of Jeans is certainly one of the favorite fashion spots in Bengaluru.  

Vashi’s Closing Down Was Bad Day For Denim Lovers

It broke many hearts of denim-lovers when the owner Vashi Lakhani decided to shut his store down after selling jeans for around 30 years. It was not pressure but the intention to take it easy that made Vashi think of closing down. Such was the affinity of Bangalorean denim-lovers for this store that the shut down made headlines with leading newspapers giving emotional good-byes.

Bangalore Mirror posted on its first page, “Thank you, Vashi’s. Goodbye and good luck.” The Hindu said, “Hips didn’t lie here.” Luckily both Vashi and his son Tarun who was with him for 12 years got bored and gained weight and six months later brought the Vashi store back in the market albeit with a new venue and a new name which sells equally magical denim now.

vashi's house of jeans

While discussing his decision to close and re-open the shop, 66-year-old Vashi Lakhani said, “There are two types of Sindhis. Moneylenders and businessman.” Vashi belongs to the second category who sold whatever the world loves from 1955  to 84.

During the Vietnam War, Vashi Lakhani sold suits to vacationing American GIs in Japan and in Casablanca he worked as a hi-fi and photo equipment salesman.

After doing several such stints in Nigeria and Virginia Beach, US, eventually he returned to India. A brother of Vashi had a stored that offered tailored jeans in Bengaluru. Following it, Vashi came up with his Vashi’s Jean Shack. At the start it was just a sort of hangout spot rather than a store and supplied dirty jokes and coffee to whosoever came on Sunday.

Store Is Open 24/7

In the last 30 years and more Vashi’s House of Jeans has sold all types of products including MC Hammer fit, flares, stretch, straight, boot-cut, skinny, low rise, colored, super skinny, torn, and high-rise. Vashi Lakhani says, “Although, Indian women still love skinny jeans because they pair them with kurtas.”

The store is open seven days a week from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm and shut down earlier only if they have completed their daily target sale of 40 to 50 pair of jeans on weekday and 150 to 200 jeans on the weekend.   

Address: K, NO 9 2ND CROSS BEHIND METRO SHOES, Kamaraj Rd, Bengaluru, 560042

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