Various Temples In Varanasi Has Placed Air Pollution Masks On Idols

source: theindianexpress

Since Diwali, people living in the North are facing trouble to breathe air due to bad atmosphere quality. While the deadly smog has caused serious influences on human health, it seems now even the gods are not safe from the growing pollution. In Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi gods and goddesses are wearing anti-pollution masks to avoid the ill-effects of worsening air quality.

Anti-Pollution Masks for deities

As the air quality takes a fall across the state in North India, temples in Varanasi are protecting the deities with pollution masks. According to a report, the idols of goddess Durga, Shiva and Kali were seen covering the masks at a well-known temple in Varanasi town. The priest of the temple stated that it was arranged after the devotees recommended that the gods should also wear masks to avoid the effects of pollution.

”How can we allow the pollution to affect the gods? We are wearing masks to protect personally. We should also consider our gods,” the priest said.

source: asianetnews

Gods in human forms

“Our deities are believed to be in human forms. We provide them with all the material comforts. In summer, we rub sandalwood ointment on idols for coolness. They are given blankets and sweaters in winter. When we worship them in human form then they must be getting affected by pollution as well,” he added.

He further claimed that many devotees visiting the temples also started donning masks after seeing the idols, and considers the move is raising awareness among children and adults.

source: indiaspend

The city of temples’ air quality touched 400 this week and is ranked under the WHO’s list of 20 most polluted cities. The city’s Air Quality Index (AQI) as well in many other cities in the state floated between 400 to 450 on Tuesday showing dangerous levels of pollution.



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