Vandals Who Destroyed Hampi Pillars Are Made to Re-Erect Them With A Fine Of Rs. 70,000 Each

hampi pillars

Remember the footage of Vishnu temple pillars falling, the footage that boiled the blood of many? The 4 boys who were part of this dumb act are now arrested.

Yes, Karnataka police arrested 4 youth after a week on 7th February, when the video of 4 boys knocking down the pillar in Hampi, the World Heritage Site was trolled all over the internet. They not only vandalized the pillars but also filmed their act of toppling the pillar in Hampi’s Vishnu temple complex. The video was shared widely. The pillars belonged to Vishnu Temple that comes under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The complaint was filed by Archaeological Survey of India, Bellary. As per the complaint, vandalism took place last year.

The story of the arrest

As soon as the complaint was filed by Archaeological Survey of India, Bellary, policemen formed teams to track them and arrest them. All the 4 men were in different places – Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar. But the police managed to find them and arrest them within a week of the video going viral. The Karnataka Police with the help of Bihar police have tracked the culprits down and detained two persons in Hyderabad and another in Bengaluru.

The three out of 4 boys were identified and arrested. They were Ayush from Madhya Pradesh, he works in Digital marketing company in Bengaluru and he was the guy who shot the act of vandalism; Raja Babu Chowdary and Rajesh Kumar Chowdary are from Bihar. When arrested they claimed that they were not aware of the importance of the historical site and they did the act in excitement

hampi pillars

The Punishment

After getting arrested by the Karnataka Police, they were fined with Rs 70,000 each and the JMFC court in Hosapete also ordered them to re-erect the monumental pillars. They were made to do the job under the supervision of officials from the Archaeological Survey of India, and police inspectors. The punishment for harming the property of archaeological department is either prison time for two years or fine up to Rs 1 lakh.

hampi pillars

They were also made to give assurances to the court that they would not vandalize again. The judge who announced the punishment at the court was named Poornima Yadav of the Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC) Court in Hosapete.

The place where the incident occurred at Vishnu temple is in an isolated area and hardly anyone visits the spot. Thus, Installation of more CCTV cameras at the world heritage site is started and the number of security personnel is also increased to ensure no such act is repeated again. The locations of CCTV camera are also identified.

And this is what we call as KARMA!

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