This 75 years old Vaibhav Darshini is a Place for Traditional Shavige Bath in Bengaluru

vaibhav darshini

There is a legacy to the food culture of Bengaluru and as a part of it, we find so many hotels which are serving the fellow Bengalurians, since years. It was in the 1960s and 70s, Bengaluru saw a rise in the darshini culture and till today, Darshini hotels are verbalizing the local culture of the city. Bengaluru what you are seeing today had a different contrast altogether in the late 80s and 90s.

Today, the hotel we are talking about has a history of 75 years and it was started at a time when you and we were not have born and yes, the legacy continues. While searching the hidden gems of the city, we found this place called Vaibhav Darshini in the quaint area of Gandhi Nagar. Come, let’s see what’s there for us to eat and enjoy.

vaibhav darshini

Darshini Culture Coupled with an Old-Bangalore Groove

Probably, among a few hotels in Bengaluru which have retained that Old-Bangalore taste, Vaibhav Darshini gets a footnote for being a part of it. People who have been visiting this hotel for years finds no change in the taste of food and that’s the reason, Vaibhav Darshini is still going strong even during the times of pubs and cafes. It is a tiny age-old hotel with not-so-fancy ambiance in the whimsical area of Gandhi Nagar located just opposite to Movieland theatre. When you are in and around this area, make sure you visit this hotel and yes, we have reasons to it.

old hotels of bangalore

Traditional Shavige Bath and Bisi Bele Bath

Not every place in Bengaluru serves the authentic taste of Shavige Bath. When we say Shavige Bath, it was a front-page item in the menu of Karnataka breakfast. Today, we find Khara Bath and Bisi Bele Bath in most of the hotels but Shavige Bath is a rare catch. Even if you find, you may not get that traditional taste unlike the one in Vaibhav Darshini. You will be given a bowl full of Shavige Bath and Chutney. As you take your first bite, you feel that foolproof mixture of coconut, a fine-finished lemon flavor and a blameless mixture of Masala. Those fried pieces of cashew nuts will add a paradisaic taste and within minutes, you finish your plate.

shavige bath in bangalore

Bread Roast is a Must-Have

When was the last time you had a Bread Roast? When you come here, order a Bread roast and Jam. You will be given 2 slices of bread nicely roasted in Ghee along with Jam and Saagu. Take a bread, put some Jam, dip in Saagu and have it. Believe us, it is a Sakkath combination.

vaibhav darshini
Filter Coffee – Vaibhav Darshini

So, when you come to Gandhi Nagar, walk to Subedar Chatram Road. In Sri Rama Krishna lunch home, you will find this hotel called Vaibhav Darshini. Take your gang of friends and enjoy the traditional Shavige Bath and an equally beguiling bread roast.

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