Uttarakhand Minister Sends Copy Of Ramayana To Xi Jinping, Asks Him To Read About Ravana

Satpal Maharaj

In a rather symbolic move, Uttarakhand tourism minister Satpal Maharaj send a copy of the Hindu mythological epic ‘Ramayana’ to China’s President Xi Jinping and asked him to read about the fate of Ravana.

Saying that the expansionist thinking gets a bad result, Satpal Maharaj sent the epic to the leader and said,


“I am sending this scripture to the honorable President of China Xi Jinping. I would request him to study the Ramayana and see what happened to Ravana who has intelligence and power second to none. Ravana is said to have ten heads which mean he was as intelligent and powerful as 10 men but his end was unfortunate due to his expansionist thinking.”

China Cools Down
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He further added that the President should keep in mind that expansionist attitude brings nothing but destruction. He added,

“I would also request him and the Chinese people to spend their money to fight this COVID-19 epidemic and not use in an increment of their defense budget to fight others.”

Satpal Maharaj said that the conflict with China has only escalated under the rule of Xi Jinping. Another Member of Legislative Assembly from Chaubttakhal said,

“The COVID-19 virus which originated in Wuhan of China has spread to almost every corner of the world. I wish he would have helped everybody instead of getting involved in border disputes.”

Russia Supports India


According to a report in the Print, Russia has agreed to speed up the manufacturing of certain missiles and bombs after Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh paid a visit to Moscow. This comes across as a clear sign that Russia has sided with India in the ongoing clash between India and China.

Reportedly, the Russians have also turned down the request of China to not sell arms to India. The Indian and Chinese military are amid an eight-week ongoing clash along the line of actual control in the Galwan valley. On Monday, there were reports that both the troops have withdrawn in order to create a buffer zone. The move of Russia to side with India comes after the United States openly supported India in its conflict with China.


Source: The Times of India