USA To Offer Million Bucks For Finding The Location Of Al-Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden’s Son

Hamza Bin Laden

Terrorists are a threat to the world. The late Al-Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden was one of the biggest terrorists who planned the infamous twin tower attack on America on September 11, 2001. The United States of America during the reign of Barrack Obama eliminated Osama Bin Laden while he was hiding in Pakistan. But his legacy is now being continued by his son Hamza Bin Laden who is also sometimes referred to as “the crown prince of jihad.”

Hamza Bin Laden

Where Is Hamza Bin Laden At Present?

The location of Hamza Bin Laden has been quite confusing with many reports saying that he is either in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria or under house arrest in Iran. But one thing is for sure that America does not want another incident like the one that occurred in 2001. And that is why the United States has now offered to pay the prize money of USD 1 million to whosoever giving information about the son of Osama Bin Laden.

The US considers Hamza Bin Laden as the upcoming face of extremism. In its statement, the State Department stated, “Hamza bin Laden is the son of deceased former AQ leader Osama bin Laden and is emerging as a leader in the AQ franchise.” The statement further says that the State Department will offer USD 1 million for information that will lead the US to Osama Bin Laden’s son.

According to the United States, Hamza is around 30 years old, young and has threatened the United States against the attack that killed his father Osama Bin Laden. The US special forces killed the Al-Qaeda leader while hiding in Abbottabad in Pakistan.

US Security Forces See Hamza As Osama’s Successor

According to the intelligence agencies of the US, the younger Laden is the successor to his father supporting global jihad. He is even more extreme when it comes to promoting the Islamic State group with its base in the land of Syria. Hamza Bin Laden released an audio message in 2015 urging all the jihadis in Syria to stand united for fighting the war-torn country of Syria and pave the way for liberating Palestine.

A message that came a year later urged the jihadis to overthrow native Saudi Arabia’s leadership. After the death of Osama Bin Laden, the three surviving wives and his children were allowed quietly to return to Saudi Arabia. But the location of Hamza Bin Laden is not known. Many believe that he went to Iran with his mother. However, it is just speculation because Al-Qaeda is not in favor of the Shiite branch of Islam which dominates Iran.

Hamza Bin Laden

Is Hamza Bin Laden Under House Arrest In Iran?

According to a few reports, Tehran’s clerical regime has kept Hamza under house arrest so that they can maintain political pressure on Al-Queda and rival Saudi Arabia. By controlling Hamza, Iran wants to protect itself from the Sunni militant attack. According to a half-brother of Hamza, he possibly can be in Afganistan. He stated that Hamza Bin Laden got married to Mohammed Atta’s daughter who played the role of the lead hijacker in the September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda attack that killed around 3,000 people in the United States.

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