Uppendra As CM : People In Karnataka Trend #UPPforKARNATAKA

source: thehindu

Upendra Rao aka Uppi, as an actor has done wonderful things in the Kannada film industry. But when it comes to trying a hand in politics, the 52-year-old is yet to make an appearance. With his straight forward mind, if he somehow obtains the chair of Chief Minister, there is a chance of Karnataka State seeing some good things happening around. #UPPforKARNATAKA trends on Twitter.

Uppi as CM, a long way to go

Uppi had no Sponsors in the Kannada film industry. Moreover, he is also not from a house with a filmy background. Yet the actor has built himself into a character which has won hearts of millions Kannadigas. Trying a hand in politics, Upendra created Uttama Prajakeeya Party with a manifesto of having an ART based governance. However, Upendra has not yet succeeded in politics but his vision to have good governance is certainly as good as gold.

source: thehindu

Twitter trends #UPPforKARNATAKA 



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