Eight Years For Super – 10 Reasons Why This Movie Is Upendra’s Best And Is Simply Beyond Time


If you ask us Upendra The Director or Upendra an Actor then we would definitely go for his directorial skills. Maybe, today, Upendra is a Superstar of Sandalwood but definitely, his roots are in the direction. We all had the first glimpse of Upendra as a director who made films like Om, Sshhh, and Operation Antha. The way he sees and perceives the things around is a quality that every aspiring director wants to have in them.

So, as a director, he might have created OM or did experiments with A and Upendra but Super is simply a masterpiece. It was his directorial come back after a decade. On December 3rd, 2010 Super had released and now it has completed 8 years; it feels like it was just yesterday. In this context, here we are with a few highlights of the movie that made us go awe-inspired.


What makes ‘Super’ Special!


The Greatness of Indian Culture

The movie opens with lines talking about the magnitude of Indian culture and its cultural immensity. Upendra has put in those elements from India’s past which we have totally forgotten. Be it Yoga, Spirituality, Inventions, or the idea of seeing God within, Super has made us feel proud to be a part of this great land called Bharatha.

super kannada movie

Patriotism to the point

With a character named Subash Chandra Gandhi, Upendra left no stones unturned to invoke the departed patriot in us. In a scene where he puts British people in a game and explains the significance of it seemed to be an amazingly fresh thought. Without any artificial exaggeration, patriotism was conveyed to its finest point.


The Concept Of Dream India

One awe-inspiring thing about this movie is its concept of dream India. From dollar depreciating against rupee to foreigners running cabs, that entire scene had left us in an esteem admiration. Probably we may look forward to that kind of India but Upendra had already imagined this in 2010.


super upendra kannada movie

Black and White Of Indian History

‘Super’ has given out a message that Indians have not learned anything from their history. It spoke about the horrendous days of British rule and the golden days of Hindustan; exploring the black and white of it.

The Dark Side Of Corruption

It speaks about the system which is corrupt in its nature. Upendra brings out the situation built around characters like Subash Chandra Gandhi, Indira, and Samba Shiva Rao Alias Thatha Uruf Meshtru. The movie has shown the real-time scenario of an innocent getting trapped in a money-dominated society.

Everything Is For Sale

A dialogue that goes ‘I am not for sale because I’m already sold out’ was a perfect way to say that everything around us is for sale. Be it media, police, politicians; money can make everyone dance to its tune. Through this movie, Upendra has also given a tong to media corrupting the information to make it sell like hot news or breaking news.


upendra super movie

The State Of Indians (SattPrajegalu)

Super movie has coined a new name called ‘Satt Prajegalu’. It means people or citizens who are dead and departed in their thoughts and emotions. In a way, it is true that most Indians have lost their integrity towards their land, culture, and values.

The Concept Of Swachh Bharath

When does our country become clean? It does only when we feel that this is our country. Upendra has smartly thought us a way to bring change in the nation and ‘Super’ is all about that.

Politics and Gimmicks

In the pre-climax of the movie, Upendra has made everything naked to show how dirty Indian politics is. When we come out of the movie and think about reality, it is nothing different. This is why ‘Super’ still stands relevant and contemporary.



CM – The Common Man

We all thought that CM means the chief minister but Upendra told us that it is Common Man. It looked great in Upendra’s imaginative world but there is a long way to go for us to make it a possibility.

So, this was ‘Super’ revisited in nutshell. If you have anything to share then please let us know in the comments below.