UP Horror: Meerut Hospital Sells COVID-19 Negative Report For 2,500 Rupees


One of India’s biggest problems, corruption, has found a way to thrive in a situation like the novel coronavirus pandemic.

As various health and government officials are working day and night to stop the spread of the pandemic, many are taking advantage of the vulnerability of the situation in order to make a quick buck. In a disturbing discovery from a hospital in Meerut, a video clip has surfaced on the internet that shows that the staff of a private hospital giving out COVID-19 negative certificates in exchange for a certain amount of money. Post the video being viral, the Meerut Chief Medical officer has ordered a probe into the incident as a case has been filed against the hospital. Until the investigation is over, the license of the hospital has been suspended by the district magistrate.


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Courtesy: India Times

While some people believe that suspending a license of a hospital at a crucial crisis like this would put a dent in the government’s plan to handle the pandemic especially when there is a dearth of hospital beds and equipment. On the contrary, this comes across as a very important step as handing out COVID-19 negative certificates in exchange for money will also hamper the efforts of the government and doctors.

2,500 Rupee For One Report

The video shows some people talking to the hospital staff requesting a negative COVID-19 test report as they don’t want to face any problem for at least a week. In the video, the people are also seen offering 2,000 rupee note to the hospital manager and saying that the remaining 500 will be handed over after the report is ready.

The Chief Medical Officer Dr. Raj Kumar said,


“An inquiry has been set up into the matter. From the video, it has emerged that the hospital’s manager Shah Alam is promising people a fake COVID-19 negative report in exchange for money. A case has been filed against him. Meanwhile, an inquiry has also been set up to find out if somebody from the district hospital was hand in glove with him.”

One can only hope that the repercussions of the move are as little as possible.


Source: India Times