United States Overtakes China in Corona Positive Cases – World’s Richest Economy Is In Severe Crisis

Donald J Trump
Courtesy: USA Today

On Thursday, the United States reported a total of 81,321 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus and with that, it has overtaken China and Italy and is now the epicenter of the COVID-19 in the World.

With 330 million residents, the United States as the third most populous country was prone to the virus ever since it was first reported in Wuhan. A series of mismanagement by the United States government has led them here. The first among them – failure to identify crisis even as it saw China swamped.

The other failures were a result of the critical missteps taken by the establishment. The deeply flawed effort to do broad testing and the confusion of arriving at the right test has had the maximum impact. Even as the crisis emerged, the doctors on the frontline experience the lack of protective gear like masks and suits. The patients overwhelmed the ventilators.

United States Doctor
Courtesy: CNN

Despite the cases rising to 25,000, America and its President dumbed down the crisis and carried with the business. The result – America now has over 81,000 confirmed cases with over 1,000 dead and close to 160 million people in the lockdown.

How the Future Looks

China, being the authoritative state, managed to lock its citizens which bought them time and followed by which they were able to bring down the infected cases. Although there are doubts about the numbers released by China, the effort to contain is being applauded.

While the world waits for a vaccine, the scientists who are already at it say that it might take no less than 12-18 months for an effective vaccine to be available for the general public.

According to the New York Times, India is more likely to surpass the United States in the number of deaths given its population and the close proximity of the people. Currently, India is behind the United States in the number of confirmed cases but the experts say it is by virtue of the number of tests carried out by the country.

As of 27th March, India has over 729 confirmed cases with 663 active cases. So far it has recorded 16 deaths due to the novel coronavirus and 50 people have successfully recovered.