Unique Gesture: This Karnataka Couple Gifted Copies Of Constitution At Their Wedding

source: Chetan Instagram

Kannada actor Chetan recently got married to his partner Megha, who is a social worker in Bengaluru. The couple got married on February 2 in what can be termed as a unique celebration. Their wedding didn’t have fantasy stuff like most weddings, rather, it was all about Constitutional values. Interestingly, the ceremony handed out copies of the Constitution to the wedding guest.

A constitutional marriage 

Kannada actor Chetan married his partner Megha, an activist, at an unusual ceremony. The sources report that the wedding was registered under the Special Marriage Act because as Chetan said, neither he nor Megha believes in religious rituals.


“The serious intention behind not performing religious rituals was that we wanted to challenge any idea of differentiation, patriarchy, and difference, or anything that may promote the anti-constitutional path,” says Chetan.

source: thenewsminute

The marriage rites, which saw the couple holding promises, was led by Akkai Padmashali, a transgender rights activist.

“Our wedding is the getting together of two people who wish to take care of society collectively. After all, what do all the glory and glamour mean if we do not do our bit to make a difference?” said Chetan.


Distributing Indian Constitution as return gifts 

The pair gave all of the guests a copy of the Indian Constitution as return gifts for coming to their wedding.

“The Constitution and our ideas are tangled, and we wanted to pass on our ideologies to our guests by giving them a copy of the Constitution,” Chetan added.

It was the faith in Constitutional values that brought the couple together and to present that as a return gift appeared just wise.


source: thelogicalindian

Chetan and Megha got married at the Vinoba Bhave Ashram, a place where the couple has worked since 2019 with the children in the Ashram.

“Help us spread the spirit of equality and inclusivity by experiencing this meaningful cultural show with underprivileged children and Ashrama elders” – a statement published by the couple in their wedding records.

Chetan also shared photos on Instagram with a caption, “Thanks to all those from across our state, nation, & world who joined Megha & me for our marriage celebration of multiplicity & Constitutional values. You brought us joy.”