Unbearable to See Shivanna and Raghanna. Leelavathi And Vinod Raj Pay Emotional Tribute

Friday was one of the saddest days in the history of the state of Karnataka. Just 46 years old, the state lost one of its brightest diamonds to a cardiac arrest. Crores of his fans and several across the country and the state are mourning the passing away of Puneeth Rajkumar.

Karnataka loses one of its greatest stars

Puneeth Rajkumar is a top actor and was known for his respectful nature. He had millions of fans and had involved himself in various activities aimed at the improvement of scoeity. Losing him at a young age is a massive setback to the industry.


Veteran actress Leelavathi and son Vinod Raj pay last respects

Veteran actress Leelavathi and her son Vinod Raj expressed their tributes for the Power Star. They were uncontrollably in tears and could not believe the terrible news that they had heard. Vinod Raj went on to say that he was feeling dead inside after hearing the news.

He said that Puneeth used to meet them whenever he used to come to have food near Pallavi Theatre. Wherever Puneeth used to meet them, he used to spend some time with Leelavathi. He also felt that that smile and nature, no other person can get other than Appu.

Vinod further said that it was unbearable to see Puneeth’s brothers in this situation. He remarked that God is unfair for taking Puneeth so early. Leelavathi said that the news was very hard to digest.