UK Prime Minister Plans To Resign In 6 Months Because £150k Salary Is Not Enough


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ​is reportedly mulling to resign next spring as he finds his current salary of  £150,402 underwhelming in comparison to his previous occupation and he can’t survive on this much money.

According to British tabloid The Daily Mirror, unnamed Tory MPs believe Johnson, who used to earn £23,000 a month as a newspaper columnist, wants out in six months’ time after he’s sorted Brexit


“Boris has at least six children, some young enough to need financial help.” The tabloid quoted one MP as saying. “And he had to pay ex-wife Marina Wheeler a shedload as part of their divorce deal.”


Before becoming the leader of the Tory Party the PM was on a salary of £275,000-a-year with the Telegraph and also made £160,000 in one month from giving two speeches.

Another added: “Boris is the typical adulterer. More interested in the chase than the prize.”  The MPs further said that the British Prime Minister believes he could pull in at least double that as he had earned $2,06,885 in just two lectures two speeches in one month shortly before he became prime minister.


Chancellor Rishi Sunak bookies favourite as next PM

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunakm whose popularity has been gaining in the country is bookies favourite contender to be the Prime Minister if Boris Johnson resigns.

The Mirror report highlights that five contenders await – Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, Cabinet Office chief Michael Gove, ex-Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and former Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt – in case the current Prime Minister leaves the office over salary issue.

The bookies’ favourite is Sunak, as he has given away £300billion in Covid cash.


A recent poll of party members by the Conservative Home website placed Sunak, 40, easily top of cabinet satisfaction ratings, while Johnson was almost bottom of the list.

Source: Times Now