Udupi Muslim Girls Not To Attend Class Without Hijab, To Continue Legal Fight

The Udupi Muslim girls who had approached the High Court asking permission to wear Hijab in classrooms said that they will not go to classes without Hijab and continue their legal fight.

Hijab Ban

Previously, the High Court upheld the Karnataka Government’s dress code and said that Hijab is not an essential part of religious practice.


Following the order, Almas AH, one of the students from Government Women’s PU College said that she was saddened by the HC order.

“Our lawyers had established all the necessary argument before the High Court. We had great hope in the court. But we are saddened by the court ruling. Wearing Hijab is an essential practice in our religion,” she said.

Credits: BBC

Will not go to class

When asked about moving to the Supreme Court, she said that it would be decided after consultation with the lawyers.


“Wearing Hijab is a Constitutional right and we want to follow the rights. Both religion and education are important for us. We struggle to get permission to attend classes wearing Hijab. We will not go to college without it,” Aliya Assadi, another girl, said.

“This is a matter which should have been solved within the college campus. But the College principal and teachers refused. It is because of the college authorities’ approach that the Muslim girls across the entire Karnataka have been banned the right to wear Hijab,” she added.

Meanwhile, Udupi MLA Raghupathi Bhat, the head of the College Development Committee, asked the girls to respect the High Court judgment and attend the classes.


“The college will treat the students without any bias. We request the girls to return to the campus and concentrate on education by following the court order,” Raghupathi Bhat said.

He added that their attendance issue will be taken care of and teachers have been asked to provide the notes and prepare them for the exams.