12 Types of Sarees And The Latest Trends Every Women Should Know

types of sarees

The word saree is adapted from ‘sadi’ that existed in the Prakrit language in the form of ‘sadia’ and arose from Sanskrit ‘sati ‘, implying a piece of cloth. People assume that there are only two or three ways to wear a sari. However, the truth is that there are hundreds of different ways to drape this beautiful piece of garment. A lot of the different drape styles are region specific and are a result of context, geography, and function. The sari is usually thought to be nine yards in length, but considering the fact that there are so many various types of draping styles, saris require different lengths for different drapes. Apart from this, different saris are worn in different seasons and on different occasions. Nowadays women and fashionistas consider sarees to be a fashion statement.

Nevertheless, there are particular sarees that are more explicitly woven and designed for specific occasions, gatherings and reasons. For example, Banarasi silk or Kanjeevaram sarees are particularly a group of sarees worn at weddings, where each kind of drape possesses a unique trend to offer.

In India, counting actual varieties of sarees is close to impossible. However, the best types of sarees for different occasions are:

Kanjeevaram Sarees

These sarees are one of the most famous bridal sarees of south India. Skilfully designed and most sought after garment from the heart of Kanchipuram, in Tamil Nadu. Most alluring and comes in vibrant colors and excellent borders with temple patterns.

types of sarees

Banarasi Silk Sarees

Crafted in Varanasi, these have rich golden embroidery and are the traditional bridal sarees of north India. Their vibrant colors, sheen, and texture give them a rich look. Great for Royal gatherings and events.

types of sarees

Ponchampalli Sarees

These traditional sarees are tailored in Nalgonda district, Telangana state. Popular for their traditional geometric patterns in Ikat style.

types of sarees

Assam Silk Sarees

The multi-caste town Sualkuchi located in the Kamrup district, Assam is famous for crafting these sarees. Assam silk sarees are weaved in fine gold-colored Muga silk cloth and have a peculiar thread work that is found only in this district.

types of sarees

Bandhej / Bandhani Sarees

Gujarat and Rajasthan are the primary destinations for purchasing these fit-for-summers, breezy and fluid sarees. The specialty of these sarees is that they are designed from the traditional art technique called the tie and dye with unique dots pattern. Since Bandhej sarees are crafted in georgette, crepe, and chiffon, fine cotton, cotton-silk, and light silk variants, they are most suitable for adorning in summer seasons.

types of sarees

Bomkai Silk Sarees

These silk sarees are a specialty of the state of Orissa, entirely handwoven by the skilled craftsmen of Bomkai, a small village in Orissa. Bomkai sarees exude elegance and style and are most suitable for the summer season.

types of sarees

Chanderi Sarees

Chanderi saree is a kind of tissue silk that is produced in the Chanderi district of Madhya Pradesh. They are made from three types of fabric: Chanderi cotton, silk cotton, and pure cotton. Peacocks, traditional coin, geometric designs, and floral art are woven in several Chanderi patterns. These sarees are famous for their silver and gold zari or brocade, exquisite silk and rich embroidery and are thus considered as one amongst the finest sarees in India.

types of sarees

Kalamkari Sarees

The word ‘Kalamkari’ translates to an exquisite creation made by a pen (kalam). These sarees are inspired by Hindu mythology, sculptures, and ancient caves and thus have beautiful hand-painted designs. Today, printed Kalamkari sarees are also available in the market.

types of sarees

Leheriya Sarees

Yet another exquisite variety of sarees found in Rajasthan. Instead of the dot patterns, they are designed by incorporating a wave pattern on the drape using the traditional tie and dye technique. Bright and vibrant, these sarees are a burst of colors.

types of sarees

Paithani Sarees

These are the famous silk sarees of Maharashtra. It is believed that during the reign of the Maratha kings, gold threads were used to weave and embroider these drapes. Parrots as motifs are the signature designs created on Paithani sarees.

types of sarees

Tant Sarees

Tant sarees are invigorating cotton sarees that hail from Kolkata, West Bengal. These sarees are stiffly starched and demonstrate exemplary craftsmanship. Their exquisite thread work makes them an alluring option during the festivals like Diwali, Dussehra and Durga Pooja. They give a royal look when adorned with gold or red-hued jewelry.

types of sarees

Batik Sarees

These sarees are known for their aesthetic appearance and artistic craftsmanship. The batik prints on them are designed by using the ‘wax and dye’ art. These sarees are a lighter variation of the cotton sarees available in the market and are perfect for both formal and casual gatherings. Batik sarees give an elegant and feminine look.

types of sarees

Latest Trend and Styling Tips

Today, the ‘little sarees’ have taken the masses, especially the younger generation into a frenzy, all thanks to designer Payal Khandwala. This saree is draped over a pant, jeans, palazzos, pajama and sometimes even dhoti Salwar. The choice is all yours. However, pulling off this trend requires a great deal of effort, commitment and the right kind of accessories. These sarees are easy to drape and very comfortable to wear. Perhaps, this is the reason why Sonam Kapoor chose this attire as her airport look recently.

types of sarees

For casual looks, these go best with open-toed sandals, sneakers or with Oxfords. While for formal gatherings, one can pair them with plain juttis, oxfords, or stilletoes. These pajama or pant styled sarees look best in luxe fabrics like velvet or silk. One can also pick an embroidered number depending upon the occasion. For a casual day out with friends or family, they look best if worn in denim.

Now that you are aware of the different types of sarees available and the prevailing trend, it’s time you pick up your favorite drape, style it with a suitable pant/Palazzo/jeans and pull off a look that the crowd will have its eyes hooked onto. Style caret offers a variety of sarees to choose from, so we suggest to check out Stylecaret.

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