Two Stretchers Brought For The Post Morterm: Exclusive Footage Gives An Interesting Turn To SSR Case

Courtesy: Republic TV

In a piece of revelation that could bring a massive shift to the direction of the investigation, video footage accessed by Republic TV suggests that on that fateful day, it was not one but two bodies that were brought for post-mortem from Sushant’s home.

The mysterious death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput

Multiple facts have proved that the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput is clouded by mystery. Recently, the Supreme Court also announced that CBI would be investigating this case.


On the back of this, video footage accessed by a TV Channel has now given fodder for more debate and discussions. Two aspects of the abovementioned video suggest that Sushant’s death might have indeed been a ‘murder’, as the TV channel pronounces it to be. There are also suggestions that there could be another victim in all of this.

Courtesy: Republic TV

Two stretchers brought to the hospital

In the video, it is seen that two stretchers were lifted down from the ambulance at the hospital. As this is getting recorded on the camera, suddenly a person appears in the line of focus to disturb the visuals. The person’s hand position also appears as though he is making a gesture to someone.

In another bit, Sushant’s friend Sandip Singh is repeatedly seen making a gesture to someone. As the TV channel claims it, Sandip Singh is signaling something to the Mumbai Police.


Well, the evidence might be inconclusive but nevertheless, the doubts in the minds of people regarding SSR’s case have definitely strengthened. Only time can tell the truth behind this web.

Source: Republic TV