Twitterati Slams Chetan Bhagat On His Tweet Against India Amid Delhi Riots


Amid violent protest in Delhi, Chetan Bhagat showed his disappointment over the ongoing dispute between groups backing and opposing the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act. There were constant reactions from the author on Twitter as he described the present situation similar to the one in 1947. He explains how the world is progressing in technologies and here we Indians cannot get over Hind-Muslim war cry.

Chetan Bhagat targets Prime Minister 

The famous author and writer Chetan Bhagat, on Tuesday, gave birth to Twitter trolls since the time he took a dig at PM Modi’s silence about the ongoing Delhi violence during Donald Trump’s India visit.


The Delhi clash comes in hours before Trump landed in the national capital. Trump and First Lady Melania were on their 2-day India visit.


A warlike scenario broke out between groups backing and opposing the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act in North East Delhi’s Jaffrabad and Maujpur since Monday. Protesters are torching houses, shops and vehicles, and throwing stones at each other. Moreover, people are giving it a Hindu Muslim twist. Talking about the same the Indian author regretted and called out the situation to be the same old story since 1947.

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He tweeted, “India 1947: Hindu Muslim Hindu Muslim. Meanwhile world: the moon landing, computers, the internet, artificial intelligence, cellphones, smartphones, apps. India 2020: Hindu Muslim Hindu Muslim”


Replying to Chetan Bhagat’s tweet, Anupam Kher wrote, “With this tweet, you are reducing the importance of not only yourself but millions of Indians. Both Hindus and Muslims !! Previous In 72 years, India has achieved unprecedented success in almost every field. This tweet is just a smart tweet, but far from the truth. ” People are reacting a lot to this tweet by Anupam Kher and are giving their feedback.

Papa is sitting with guests 

Acquainting the PM about the situation in Delhi he tweeted: “Papa is sitting with guests in the drawing-room and family members are fighting loudly in the other room. Very bad.”

Twitter was quick to trend ‘papa’ where users replied to the tweet with interesting mockeries and punchlines.


Later, when US President Donald Trump returned to his homeland Bhagat had tweeted “The guests have left. Now let’s see what happens at home.

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