Twitterati Mocks Akshay Kumar & Narendra Modi Interview ; Questions Courage Of The Current PM

twitter mock modi

The moment interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi taken by film star Akshay Kumar became viral on April 24, sharp reactions started coming in on all the different social media channels. Of course, there were many who hailed this “non-political interview” as Modiji discussed enthusiastically his fondness for half-sleeve kurtas, mangoes, and memes.

And there were more than just a few who not only mocked this interview but also sharply criticized the current Prime Minister of India questioning his courage for not addressing an official press conference until now.


Twitterati Criticize PM For Not Holding Press Conference

In his tenure of five years as the prime minister, Narendra Modi never addressed a single press conference and always have hesitated to give direct interviews to media.

Picking up all such lapses and many others, the Twitterati sharply criticized Modi asking how can the PM think of giving such an interview without any political reference when there are so many burning questions that he is yet to answer.

During his interview, Narendra Modi also discussed his early life, his friendship with Barack Obama and his reactions to the tweets of Akshay’s wife Twinkle Khanna.


Journalist Neha Dixit quipped that stars are now taking place of journalists whereas activist Kavita Krishnan said, “PM can only do staged, scripted ‘interviews’ with his own bhakt ‘interviewers’”. It is a mockery of journalism.”

Has PM Lost His Confidence After the Third Phase Of LS 2019 Poll?

Many opined on Twitter that since Modi has lost confidence he required Akshay Kumar to promote himself after the third phase of Lok Sabha 2019 elections.

Some were of the opinion that the interview was a clever plan to escape the clutches of laws and in a way has disrespected democracy and ECI.


Film Director Rakesh Sharma also asked EC whether it has given permission for such a non-political interview amidst ongoing Lok Sabha Elections.

Twitterati has also slammed Narendra Modi for making ‘irrelevant’ remarks about his friendship with Barack Obama.

Modi remarked on Twinkle Khanna during the interview, “I read your wife’s tweets and she takes out all her anger on me so I hope your house is peaceful.” One of the Twitter users stated that the remark was nothing short of sexist.

So, whether it was a publicity stunt or just an effort on the part of Khiladi Kumar to unravel the personality of Narendra Modi, the interview did get tongues rolling deriving euphoric responses from Twitter users.