Twitter trends #BuddhismvsBrahmanism Over Ayodhya Excavation Findings

Jyoti Kumari (2)

Days after pillars, shivling, and broken idols were found in the Ram Janmabhoomi site during the ground leveling process, there have been multiple claims being made that the site indeed was a Buddhist site and the excavation has only further proved it.

Former BJP MP and Congress leader Udit Raj took to Twitter to claim that the site has now been proved as a Buddhist site. He also added that the media shouldn’t twist the findings to be evidence of the existence of Ram Mandir. Quickly, other twitter users began to post about the similarities found in the excavation finds at Ram Janmabhoomi with the Bharahut stupa.


Twitter, on Sunday, has been divided among the issue as the #BuddhismvsBrahminism is being trended. Here are the top tweets.