Home Movies Twitter Slams This Telugu Filmmaker for calling KGF’s Rocky “Neech Kamine Kutte”

Twitter Slams This Telugu Filmmaker for calling KGF’s Rocky “Neech Kamine Kutte”

Popular Telugu Filmmaker makes a controversial remark over Yash starrer KGF 2. He reportedly abused Rocky Bhai’s character and received backlash on the internet.

Venkatesh Maha on Rocky

Telugu Director Venkatesh Maha has got himself into a controversy by criticizing the pan-India film KGF 2. The filmmaker known for films like C/o Kancharapalem and Modern Love Hyderabad called Yash starrer senseless and mindless.


Venkatesh was in a round table conversation with other filmmakers namely Nandini Reddy, Indraganti Mohana Krishna, Shiva Nirvana, and Vivek Athreya. He slammed the KGF protagonist character Rocky bhai played by Yash.

In the viral video, director Venkatesh Maha can be seen talking about a film. He didn’t take the name, but it is clear that he is talking about KGF Chapter 2. The director said he feels absurd when the protagonist’s mother wants him to get all the gold and become rich with the help of people. He abused the character by saying, “Neech Kamine Kutte”.

Venkatesh feels Pop-corn movies are something that people don’t care about the story but care more about the Pop-corn in the tub and if they are encouraging people to watch such stuff they’re giving the public the wrong message and he also finds fault with the public for encouraging such content.


The video has now gone viral and his words have backfired on him as fans want him to apologize ASAP.

The Apology

After the Backlash, Venkatesh Maha shared a video on social media and mentioned that he will apologize for the language but not for the opinion he expressed. The director said that he regrets using such a language being a filmmaker and has no intention to target any language or cinema. “I apologize for my language, but I will not take back my opinion. I must also clarify that I didn’t target any particular language or movie”, said the director.