Twitter Slams Rashmika Mandanna And Tells Her ‘Why She Is Being Trolled’

Netizens slam Rashmika Mandanna by saying that if she keeps ignoring people deliberately who helped her to be where she is today, because of whatever reason, people will react negatively and troll her.

Netizens slam Rashmika

Actor Rashmika Mandanna has recently been tagged as the ‘national crush’ as she basks in professional success, but the actor took to Instagram to share her feelings about a few things that have been troubling her for ‘the last few days or weeks or months or maybe even years now’, and wrote that she has finally decided to address it.


On Instagram, she wrote, “I welcome constructive criticism because that’s only going to push me to improve and do better. But what’s with the vile negativity and hate? For the longest time, I’ve been told to ignore it. But it has only gotten worse. By addressing it, I’m not trying to win anyone over. I don’t want to feel closeted and forced to change as a human being because of this hate I keep receiving.”

After this, fans were busy on Twitter highlighting her faults and just how she had grown to be a thankless person. There is this famous dialogue from Shah Rukh Khan’s film Luck By Chance that says, “Stardom is a dangerous cocktail of fame, money, and power. So never forget those, who knew you when you were nothing … because only these people, will tell you the truth always… only these people will keep you connected to your roots.” By noticing all this, it seems Rashmika Mandanna doesn’t believe in such idealogy.

Ignoring people deliberately

In a recent interview, she was recalling how she got her first chance as the leading heroine in the Kannada film Kirik Party. She said that she did some modeling while doing college and one of her pictures got viral on the front page of the Times of India. She went back to her college after that but then she got a call from a production house that offered her Kirik Party which she later accepted.



While speaking further about the incident, Rashmika didn’t even mention the name of that banner that gave her the first chance. The film was produced by her ex-boyfriend Rakshit Shetty with who she broke off her engagement. The film was directed by Kantara fame Rishab Shetty.

People are now trolling Rashmika for being thankless. Many are saying that whatever she might have gone through in her personal life, she shouldn’t have forgotten her roots. Some are saying that the success of Kantara has pissed her off and such statements only show her jealousy.