Twitter Hilariously Reacts After Aaj Tak Juxtaposes Burnol Ad With Ram Mandir Bhoomi Puja

Burnol (1)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Ayodhya on Wednesday morning to take part in the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the Ram Temple.

The prominent leaders who were part of the ceremony sat around the havan fire adhering to the social distancing norms and wearing masks in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The priests chanted Vedic mantras according to the yagyas.


The ceremony was covered by the national media and the regional media rigorously. One of the channels juxtaposed an advertisement for the product ‘Burnol’ alongside the ‘Bhoomi puja’. The product Burnol is an antiseptic used to apply for the burnt or infected areas.

This sparked hilarious reactions on Twitter. Here are some of the tweets.