This Is What Twitter Has To Say On High Court’s Decision To Uphold Hijab Ban

A hijab is not an important religious practice, the Karnataka High Court stated today in a huge setback to students who had challenged a ban on wearing the hijab in class. Five petitions had challenged the ban in court and all of them have been denied by the court.

High Court’s judgment 

Later today, the three-judge bench of chief justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, justice Krishna S Dixit and justice JM Khazi held that prescription of school uniform by the State is a valid restriction the students’ rights under Article 25 and therefore, the Government Order issued by the Karnataka government dated February 5 is not violative of their rights.



Reacting to the judgment, Karnataka education minister BC Nagesh said, “The uniform is there just to assure all students feel equal, so no inferiority or superiority complex appears among the young minds of the country.”

The petitioners are now likely to move to the Supreme Court. Advocate Shahul said, “We are acknowledging the issue. And once the exact order comes, we will analyze it and move the Supreme Court.”

This is what Twitter has to say