Twitter Demands Action Against Man Who Gave Rape Threats To Agrima Joshua For Her Video

Agrima Joshua (1)

Recently, a stand-up clip of comedian Agrima Joshua has offended the sentiments of many ardent supporters of Chatrapati Shivraj. She has apparently poked fun at the great Maharashtra ruler.

Following severe backlash for her clip, the comedian has apologized publicly and even pulled out the video from the internet after Pratap Sarnaik, the MLA of Shiv Sena, demanded her arrest. Now, Agrima has been receiving abuses and threats from people on social media. One among them is a supposed Youtuber Shubham Mishra who has posted a video threatening her of rape.


agrima shivaji

As per some sources, he is a close aide of Hindustani Bhau. Shubham has over 298 thousand subscribers on YouTube and posts regularly about trending topics. This video of him where he blatantly issued a rape threat has not been received well on social media and rightly so. He has taken down the video.

People on social media have started a movement demanding actions against the Youtuber for his misogynistic content. The National Commission of Women has taken cognizance of the matter and has requested the Gujarat Police to take immediate action.

Here are some of the tweets.