Twitter Comes Forward And Raises Money For Fruit Vendor Whose Mango Cart Was Robbed By Crowds In Delhi

Recently, a shocking video became viral on social-media, in which people were stealing mangoes from an unattended mango crate in Delhi. Later, the owner of the crate, Chhote, revealed that he had suffered a loss of close of Rs 30000 due to the inhuman action of a few. At times when the business is already low, this action was utter nonsense, according to many.

Delhi crowd loots a street vendor

The video met with strong criticism and the action of the people was severely condemned. The street vendor said that he had 15 crates of mangoes, all of which was stolen by the crowd. Here is a video of the incident:


Following the incident, many came forward to help the vendor. However, it was difficult to trace the vendor. A few celebrities including music-composer Vishal Dadlani also took to twitter to enquire about the vendor.

NDTV posts details about the owner of the crate

A day later, NDTV posted the bank account details of the street vendor on its website. Following the act, several contributed to the vendor so that his losses could be covered. A major credit for this must go to the Twitter users who spread the news rapidly on the platform. As per the latest reports, the vendor has already recovered a chunk of his losses due to the donations. Here is one of the reactions on twitter:

In another tweet, a user called for Twitterati to aim for donating 3 times of the vendor’s  losses. His explanation was that the the money must be first raised for his mangoes, then for his helplessness and the last to bring a smile on his face.


While the video the other day disappointed many, the latest act has proven that humanity still exists in our country.

Source: Scoop Whoop