Twice-Divorced Imran Khan Blames Indian Movies For Rise In Sex Crime And Divorce In Pakistan

Source: theindianexpress

On a very interesting event, the Pakistan Prime Minister has blamed Indian movies and serials for the rise in crimes in his country. The 67-year-old believes that Bollywood films are the major suspects to flame sex crimes in Pakistan.

Blaming Bollywood for crimes in Pakistan 

We can call a person illiterate, ignorant or fool but Pakistan Prime Minister has his own higher standards taking himself beyond stupidity. Imran Khan while addressing people through YouTube, talked about the increasing crimes in his country.


source: indiatoday

He said that the principal reason for the increase in sex crime and drug abuse in Pakistan is mobile phones. He further accused that the content from Bollywood and Hollywood is the reason that causes sex crime relating to pedophilia and child pornography in the country.

“It is very important for us to understand that Pakistan is facing a very big challenge and that is because of mobile phones. Mobile phones have facilitated such content to children that were never available in entire human history. Now there is a negative result. This is the main reason of drugs getting inside schools,” Imran Khan said.

Sex crime skyrocketing 

“I did not realize it until I came to power. A sex crime is skyrocketing, pedophilia, child pornography is going on in Pakistan,” he added.


“What we are doing is we are taking content from outside. Content first comes in Hollywood, then Bollywood and then in Pakistan. People of the country don’t understand such content because they don’t understand Western civilization. They don’t realize that we are importing the most harmful thing from the Western civilization,” he said in a YouTube address.

Soon after this statement was viral, netizens trolled him for the same.