Try This Bobby’s Dhabha In Bengaluru For The Yummiest North Indian Food

Anybody and everybody who has ever been to Bobby’s Dhaba has come back raving about the food there. Hoping to find out for ourselves what the hullabaloo was all about, we visited the place on a mission to taste the food and decide if it was worth the hype.

Located close to Nagasandra Metro Station, you could either drive here (braving Bangalore’s traffic might make you even hungrier), or you could take a metro (this would be a much easier option).



We arrived to find a long waitlist of families and friends, all eagerly waiting to lay their hands on the famed stuffed paranthas of this place. Do note that this is not a swanky restaurant so don’t expect well-dressed waiters or a captivating decor. This outlet is very basic and the main man, Bobby, is the force that runs this place.

Even though the place is called a Dhaba, you will not find any khatiyas or chaarpayas, peculiar of other Dhaba-style restaurants. After a long wait of an hour and a half, we finally got a table. We had ordered some Aloo Paranthas, the classic Rajma-Chawal, Lassi, and Buttermilk.

And believe us, we couldn’t find faults in anything. Even the basic buttermilk left us wow-ed; it had a strong spicy punch with an aftertaste you wouldn’t want to get over. We know we’ll definitely be visiting this place every time we crave for Dhaba fare!


Where: Bobby’s Dhaba, #502, 12th Main MSR Enclave, Yeshwantpur Hobil Near Nagasandra Metro Station.

When: 12.30 pm to 3.45 pm, 7 pm to 10.45 pm

Price: Rs. 500 for two


Contact: 096636 78382