Here’s Why You Should Try Out Mani Biryani Hotel’s Drool-worthy Morning Biryanis

mani biryani

Located in Hoskote, Mani Biryani Hotel is a must visit for every foodie. You have definitely missed out on the best biryani if you haven’t tried their mutton biryani yet.

An early morning bike ride or a long drive with your friends is always incomplete without a steaming hot plate of the freshly cooked mutton biryani. A large number of people who throng to Mani’s in the morning is a testimony to their quality. Located around 30 kilometers away from Bengaluru, this outlet has been serving their finest for a decade.

mani biryani

Biriyani and Bike Rides on Weekends

Simplicity and quality is their way of making people happy and this reflects in their eco-friendly leaf plates and in their arrangement. Quite eating arrangements. Quite often, it is difficult to find a place to sit if you’re not one of the first ones to get there. With their Biryani, Mani has started the trend of biryanis coupled with bike rides on weekends, owing to its location.

A trip to Mani biryani hotel is never complete without your friends. This is why you must definitely go with your friends to make the most of this delicious weekend biryani. Their outlet is such that you and your friends can enjoy their delicacy as you wish to. It is interesting to note that they start cooking as early as 6:30 in the morning, and start serving from 7 am. This is unlike any of the biryani outlets we know of in Bengaluru.

mani biryani

Crowd is unbelievably large

If you happen to reach even by 7:05, you’ll be lost in a crowd eagerly waiting to get their hands on a plate of the sumptuous biryani. The crowd is unbelievably large and this is why they introduced the system of collecting food coupons/tokens. This negates the need to haggle for change at the food counter. There are a lot of people who also get food packed to enjoy it later during the day. This is definitely another reason why Mani’s Biryani Hotel should be on your to-do list for the weekend.

mani biryani

Price: 180/- per plate.

Where: Beside Sri Satya Convention Hall, Malur road, Hoskote, Bengaluru.

When: Tuesday and Friday: 7 am – 10:30 am | Sunday: 6:30 am – 10:30 am

So what are you waiting for ? Go grab yourself a plate of Mani’s mutton biryani and dig in! Enjoy the steaming hot rice coupled with succulent mutton pieces as you have the #bestweekendever!


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