Trump To Donate Ventilators To India; Says Will Stand By Modi During The Crisis

source: twitter

Donald Trump, the United States President, on Saturday tweeted that his country would be donating ventilators to India, and also said that he would stand with Mr. Modi in the fight against the pandemic.

Donald Trump’s tweet

Donald Trump, in his tweet, announced that US will be donating ventilators to India. He also revealed that US is working in close partnership with India to find out the vaccine for COVID-19. Here is what Mr. Trump tweeted:


It has to be noted that the relationship between India and US has walked on a rough road during this crisis. Around a month ago, the US President had warned India of retaliation if their orders of HCQ was not fulfilled. However, once Modi permitted the sale of the drug to the US, Trump praised India and also promised to help the Asian country. His latest announcement is a step forward in the developing relationship between the two countries.

Trump also talked about vaccine development

Donald Trump also talked about vaccine development in partnership with India, and the tremendous contribution of the Indian scientists so far. In an address at the White House, the world leader said:

I just got back a short while ago from India recently and we are working very much with India and we have a tremendous Indian population in the US and many of the people that you are talking about are working on the vaccine too. Great scientist and researchers. Yes. We are working very closely also with India.” He finished off, saying: “India has been so great and as you know your Prime Minister has been a very good friend of mine.


However, it has to be noted that India has already announced purchase of 50000 ventilators using the PM-CARES fund. A few weeks ago as well, the country had announced purchase of ventilators. It needs to be seen how the government would respond to the massive influx of the equipment.

Source: NDTV