Trump Just Announced He Won The Election: What Is Going On In The U.S?


The world has an eye on US presidential elections at the moment. However, a recent tweet from Donald Trump has shocked everyone. He claimed that he just won the election, by a lot!

In a tweet at about 10.45am Washington time on Saturday (about 2.45am Sunday AEDT), President Donald Trump continued to signal that he will fight the results. Then today at 9:06PM (IST) he tweeted : I won this election, by a lot!


About two hours earlier Trump tweeted: “Tens of thousands of votes were illegally received after 8 P.M. on Tuesday, Election Day, totally and easily changing the results in Pennsylvania and certain other razor thin states. As a separate matter, hundreds of thousands of Votes were illegally not allowed to be OBSERVED.


This would ALSO change the Election result in numerous States, including Pennsylvania, which everyone thought was easily won on Election Night, only to see a massive lead disappear, without anyone being allowed to OBSERVE, for long intervals of time, what the happened.

Bad things took place during those hours where LEGAL TRANSPARENCY was viciously & crudely not allowed. Tractors blocked doors & windows were covered with thick cardboard so that observers could not see into the count rooms. BAD THINGS HAPPENED INSIDE. BIG CHANGES TOOK PLACE!”


Recap of the Biden speech

Washington correspondent Jacob Greber has just filed a summary of Joe Biden’s speech a short while ago.The former Vice President all but claimed victory in the 2020 presidential race, declaring he has won a thumping mandate to bring the country together in order to address urgent crises including the alarming acceleration in US COVID-19 cases.

“We don’t have a declaration of victory yet, but the numbers tell us a clear and convincing story,” Mr Biden said shortly before 11pm on Friday (Saturday AEDT) from Wilmington, Delaware. “We’re going to win this race,” he said.

Cautioning that while the vote count could be “numbing” for those awaiting the final result, Mr Biden said it was important for people to be patient as the ballots were the will of individual Americans.

Mr Biden spoke as a new outbreak inside the White House was confirmed – this time afflicting President Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, who tested positive to the coronavirus, according to several media reports.

The timing is a stunning reminder that regardless of the election America is still in the grip of the world’s most severe COVID-19 outbreak.