10 Reasons Why You Must Go On A Trip To Munnar On Your Next Holiday


There are so many reasons why people just love to visit Munnar. Of course, it is one of the best hill resorts in Kerala. But that is not all! Munnar is also the center of tea growing district in the state called the High Range. Here are some more reasons why you need to plan a trip to Munnar:

Tea Museum’s Insightful Experience

Tea Museum in Munnar gives an insightful experience. It opens up to the visitors the journey of tea industry in the region from the 1880s onwards. Presently, Kanan Devan Hills Plantations is in charge of its operations.


2. Tea Processing Unit

It also has a tea-processing unit adjacent to the Tea Museum. Here a visitor gets to know about the different stages of tea manufacturing and intricacies of tea tasting.


3. South Indian Church

Munnar has a secular culture and the presence of a church, a mosque and a temple on three different hillocks is proof of it. Just one kilometer outside the town is a church that looks like a fortress surrounded by eucalyptus trees.


4. Spectacular Waterfalls In Munnar

Munnar has some of the best waterfalls in South India like Cheeyapara Falls, Athukad Falls, and Valara Falls. These falls grow in awesome proportions during the rainy days and look very much alluring. These are one of the topmost reasons why you must arrange a trip to Munnar.


5. Sethu Parvathi Puram, Mattupetty Dam

Sethu Parvathi Puram or the Mattupetty Dam is an ideal choice if you want to have a weekend picnic with friends and family. You can enjoy scenic views of the surroundings from both these dams. Mattupetty Dam cruise is also a wonderful way to make the most of your holiday.


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6. On Shopping Spree In Munnar

Munnar offers the freshest and best quality in South India and in the country. Grown and produced locally, they offer tea perfected on the standards of the experience of the last 125 years. Apart from tea, you can also purchase fresh spices and strawberries right here. You can buy the best tea at the KDHP Tea Sales Outlet.


7. Stays On Plantation

Plantar’s bungalow is the right place to enjoy a few days amidst all the greenery of tea plantations. These bungalows promise a delightful experience for the visitors who feel overwhelmed to spend days and nights wrapped in clouds and mist. Some such exclusive options include Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Stays, Woodbriar Group’s Tallayar Valley Bungalow, and High Range Club.


8. Where To Eat In Munnar?

There are a host of small eateries around the town that offer wholesome but cheap traditional and local food out here including bhajis, bondas, and vadas. Some good restaurants in Munnar also offer a wide range of cuisines from Kerala and North India. The High Range Club offers a typical English food on a minimum notice of 4 hours.


9. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Located 60 km from Munnar on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border in the foothills, this wildlife sanctuary offers you a good view of spotted deer, elephants, peacocks, sambar and gaur and very rarely white bison of Manjampatti.


10. Eravikulam National Park

Famous for wildlife conservation, the British planters formerly used Eravikulam National Park as a hunting preserve. The place is famous for breathtaking views, diversity, the popular Director’s Leap Viewpoint, and Nilgiri tahr, an endangered wild goat species.


Do you need more reasons to arrange a trip to Munnar? It is a wonderful place indeed. Plan for it and we are sure that you gonna enjoy this place.

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