Traffic Jams Sighted In Bengaluru Yesterday; Over 100 Vehicles Seized Since Morning

Although Bengaluru is not new to it, ‘Traffic Jams’ were indeed surprising when they made their presence felt across many parts of the city on Tuesday. The sighting has made Bengaluru Police take a few strict measures, including seizing vehicles at will.

Traffic Jams reported in Mysore Road & JC Road

It has been reported that Traffic Jams were reported in Mysore Road and JC Road yesterday. This is despite the state government declaring that no relaxations had been made with respect to the lockdown.


However, the Police confirmed that the Traffic Jams had occurred since many important roads had been blocked in the city. Also, many one-ways had been enforced in several regions which added to the congestion.

The Police have issued 2 Lakh vehicle passes to date.

Traffic jams were sighted in Bengaluru yesterday

Strict action has been taken on Wednesday morning

From yesterday evening itself, the Bengaluru City Police has turned stricter with regards to vehicular movement in the city. Passes are being thoroughly examined while vehicles of those misusing the passes are being seized. Most of the roads in the city have been blocked except for a few important junctions.


An official said: “ We have been strictly told to discourage vehicular movement.

Around 100 vehicles are said to have been seized on Wednesday morning alone. In a couple of areas, the motorists got themselves involved in heated arguments with police concerning vehicle seizure. Also, the people with vehicle-passes are facing trouble due to the extra checks.