Topper From UP Dies Due To Harassment, Police Say No Evidence As Twitter Erupts In Anger

Sudeeksha Bhati

In tragic news, a 20-year-old woman from Uttar Pradesh who had secured 98 percent in the class 12 exams have been killed in a road accident on Monday.

As per the family of the deceased woman Sudeeksha Bhati, she was chased by two men on the bike on a motorcycle who was trying to harass her and that’s when she met with the accident. The officials who have been investigating the incident have said that they haven’t found any evidence of harassment. However, CCTV footage shows that the officials investigating the two men.


After securing 98 percent in Class 12, she got a scholarship to study at the prestigious university in the United States. She had returned from the US to Bulandshahr during June and was scheduled to go back soon. While she was going on a bike with her uncle and her cousin to go to their relative’s place, the incident took place. Her uncle said,

“When we crossed the Bulandshahr town, we entered a village. A bike then overtook us several times; the biker was driving recklessly. He then started performing stunts. I slowed down my motorcycle but the other bike hit ours. All of us fell but my niece suffered head injuries. I could not recognize the driver of the other bike and he escaped shortly after we met with the accident.”

The Police Contradicts Family

However, the district magistrate has contradicted the claims of the family. The district magistrate Ravindra Kumar said,

“The motorcycle was being driven by her brother, a minor, and not Sudeeksha’s uncle. So far, there is no evidence of harassment.”

Sudeeksha Bhati (1)

The senior police officer in Bulandshahr investigated the eye witness and said,


“The police team that went to the spot had questioned eyewitnesses who said a Royal Enfield Bullet was coming from the front and it suddenly stopped (near their bike) because of the traffic, which led to the accident. The body of the woman was sent for the postmortem. At that time when the accident happened, the relative or any eyewitness had not spoken about any harassment.”

The incident has sparked off a debate on social media and many vented their anger over the incident. Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati wrote on Twitter,

“In Bulandshahr, a promising student – Sudeeksha Bhati – who was traveling on a bike with her uncle lost her life due to misdeeds of bikers. This is highly tragic, shameful, and condemnable. How will daughters progress? BSP demands the state should take swift action against the accused.”


Source: NDTV