Top trends of 2017 you won’t believe are happening now

top trends of 2017

What are the top trends of 2017? There have been many trends worldwide which sometimes let us wonder, are they really happening?Yes, indeed there have been times when we all were a little surprised to see something unusual trending and today in this article we will be talking about few trends that went really well and we could see it almost everywhere. Like taking a picture holding a DSLR had been quite familiar among the teens and the youths though I could never understand the reason behind doing such things though it was a trend which was followed by the huge chunk of our Instagram and Facebook friends.

The trend to stay fit and flat is here again. Abs exercise, in particular, has always been a part of heavy workout exercises and even today it has gained considerable attention. Almost everyone that hits the gym is concerned about getting proper abs as soon as possible. In the next few months, it is yet to increase in popularity which may be no lesser than 2000 percent.


Top trends of 2017

Keeping long beard is the new anthem among the youth and even the oldies are getting way better with this style statement. There was a time when people loved staying clean shaved but today’s trend of keeping long beard has affected almost everyone like some kind of flu and if I am not wrong then sometimes or the other you too might have been tempted to keep a long beard.

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In many parts of the world, Buddha bowls have taken over the plain old plates and have gained 200% increase consistently.


You may or may not have realized but after French now the trend is to learn Spanish. It’s not just followed by one or two countries but has a craze around the globe and its spreading like a grapevine. Sooner the numbers will be infinity and you would see your neighbors, colleagues or classmate speaking in a foreign language so be sure to accept that and don’t be confused. You can too follow the trend and learn to speak in a foreign language, you see, learning new things never hurts.

These were few of the trends which we had seen in the past or is witnessing now. For sure you might have been able to connect with one of these trends some way or the other. Hope you enjoyed this article about top trends of 2017.

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