Top Reasons Why Bengaluru Is A Bustling IT Hub

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Bangalore is seen as the Silicon Valley of India and is widely recognized as the major tech hub of the country. It is one of the major cities of the country and is the state capital of Karnataka. The cosmopolitan and progressive city is a favorite destination for tourists and retirees. There are popular tourist attractions like K.R. Market, Bangalore Palace, Summer Palace and many more. However, the city is fast becoming a bustling IT hub and because of some good reasons.

Bangalore’s IT industry is made of three main groups, Electronics City, International Tech Park, Bangalore and Software Technology Parks of India. There is no denying that the tech scene in Bengaluru is booming and it is because the talent, entrepreneurs, and venture capital come together here in one of the world’s most dynamic city. Here is what makes Bengaluru more attractive for IT and tech-related industry.


Bengaluru has indeed come a long way ever since the first days of the IT industry in the late 20th century. It all started in the 70s when the government designated a large piece of land outside Bangalore for an electronic city. Those were the times when taxes were very high, and liberalization was restricted. However, Indian educational institutions were providing quality education in computer engineering, and so the country was creating computer professionals. Infosys, IBM, and Wipro were the giants of India’s tech industry who were the first to set up their head offices in Bangalore. Ever since the city has not looked back and many other tech companies followed and expanded their businesses in the city. The foreign IT companies looked towards Bengaluru when in search of cheap local developers. It is here in the city that the model of IT outsourcing took root.

Bengaluru infrastructure allows it to be a popular meeting spot for entrepreneurs and investors interested in IT and computer field. There are many co-working spaces, both big and small, and several foods and lodging options. It is no wonder to see Bengaluru full of software developers and the entrepreneurs from across the country meet in the bars, coffee shops, and restaurants to discuss projects and ventures. Tech giants like Walmart, Amazon, and Flipkart are based in Bengaluru and have played a major role in the startup scene of the city.

The higher living standards of Bengaluru’s citizens and the city’s tech culture changes have indeed branded the city as the country’s IT hub. However, recently, there has been a shift from a software factory to a startup mindset. Today, young IT engineers and software developers are genuinely interested and excited to be working on a new idea and development. The entrepreneurial mindset is now deep-rooted in Indian culture, and major tech giants are holding back from investing in new ideas and startups. They rely on no credit check payday loans to overcome any cash crunch for the startups.


The sprawling city with Koramangala, the original IT hub is now being looked upon as an original startup hub. The new startups are choosing HSR Layout as the starting place for entrepreneurs because of the relatively low rents and easy access to major parts of the city.

Today, there are thousands of Startups in the city, and focus is more on quality and certain sectors such as blockchain, AI, and machine learning. While the city may lack the shine and luster of San Francisco’s Bay Area, one can say that it is still in an early stage in deep tech. The Silicon Valley of India boasts of significant technology companies that contribute to the billion’s worth of exports. Bangalore, a modern city, attracts IT and computer tech specialists from around the world.

The talented and ambitious workforce continues to give the dynamic and forward-looking city a new image.