Top Reasons Tucson Is Becoming Best City For Solar Power

source: science alert

Tucson is becoming one of a great source for solar energy it is because of its suitable whether condition.

There are 9 things to know before installing Soar Tucson pane


1 – How much has the price of residential solar panels fallen in recent years?

The price of residential solar installations has fallen severely in recent years. Specifically, in the last decade, the cost of photovoltaic installations decreased by 70%. And if we look only at the last year, this fall was 5 percentage points.

2 – What is the difference between the use of solar panels for business use and residential use?

The main difference is undoubtedly the scale since it is not the same to supply business and its operations energetically than a family home. Residential photovoltaic installations usually have an average power of 6 KW. They take up little space; the roofs of the houses become sources of energy for the home. While business photovoltaic installations need more area, investment and have more power.

3 – How much the cost of a residential solar panel system?

Obviously, it depends on the size of the installation and the power we want to have. However, there are data that can help you estimate what it will cost you. The easiest way to calculate the cost of a photovoltaic installation is in Euros or dollars per watt. In 2019, the owners of photovoltaic installations in the United States paid an average of 2.98 dollars / W compared to the $ 8 / W it cost in 2008. For an average installation of 6kW, it would imply that you would pay an average of $ 17,880 in 2019.


4 – Will your photovoltaic system be connected to the network?

The majority of photovoltaic systems will be connected to the mains through this system can receive an incentive when your PV system produces excess electricity. At the same time, when your solar panels do not produce enough electricity you need, you can meet your needs by pulling the power from the grid.

5-How long does it take to fix a photovoltaic panel structure?

Once you have met with the installers and the installation has been planned, it will only take a few days for you to install the new energy source. The truth is that if the decision to opt for self-consumption usually takes a long time, the installation process is quick.

6 – Can you install a photovoltaic system if your roof does not meet the requirements?

There are many users who want to install photovoltaic panels but do not have the right roof for installation. Solar installations on the ground and community solar gardens are the other two options. It is true that community photovoltaic gardens imply a connection with the entire neighborhood.


7 – Does it make sense to install photovoltaic panels if you are not sure that you will be 25 years in this house?

It is a common concern among those who plan to install photovoltaic panels. The photovoltaic installations last between 25 and 30 years, the good thing about all this is that having a solar installation revalues your home and can speed up the sales process.

8 -What percentage of your house can you supply with solar energy?

Although the solar panel system compensates, it is not realistic to expect it to provide energy to the entire house every day. These may not work at maximum efficiency every day, but some days there will be surplus production while others will need to connect to the network.

9 – When will your photovoltaic installation take to pay off?

A frequent question is how long it takes to recover the investment when installing solar panels, that is, how long it will take for it to save on the electricity bill. On average it takes about 7.5 years to repay the investment, which shows that the residential solar energy market could be one of the best investments of the moment.