Top Indian Handicrafts You Must Buy

India, the land of millions of cultures, ideas and home to more than twenty languages. India, the land of the mountains, the rivers, the beaches, and the forests. India, the land of art, tradition, and dedication.

India, home to handicrafts, textiles, and pottery, even before Independence. India, where if you want to buy something, you’ll never find yourself out of options.


Talking about buying, the best way to utilize your money for home décor, gifts or even clothing, Indian Handicrafts are the right choice. With Indian Handicraft items, not only do you stand out but you can also stick to your budget. Interested? We’ve created an exclusive list for a few of the best ones out there:

Jute Handicrafts

West Bengal and Assam are famous for their traditional jute production and age-old age production of related handicrafts. There are jute bags, stationery, bangles, shoes, dolls and even cutlery items like table mats or bowls, are all available in various designs and embroidery. Not only the pricing is low, but it also helps you to protect the environment by avoiding plastic products. With both indigenous hand artistry and bulk production options, the Jute industry doesn’t disappoint.


Commonly known as Bandhani and Bandhej, Tie-Dye origins from the state of Gujarat. There are animal prints called the Chokidal style while Ambaliya with square, dots or corner designs. Make sure you check the Jamnagar and Mandvi bazaar areas to extraordinary collections of dupattas, kurtas, blouses, and sarees. In fact, earlier only focused on traditional Indian wear, Tie-Dye is also making a name by incorporating itself in western tops, jeans or scarves, leaving an old school mark in the modern world. A process done by expert hands, use of natural colors and the representation of culture, all of this makes Bandhani the never go out of style Indian Handicraft.


Pashmina Shawls

From the land of snow and pretty landscapes, Pashmina shawls are made using extremely fine wool and extremely delicate hands. Originating in Kashmir, they are woven shawls which are made by using the exquisite Pashmina fabric. It is said that till today, each step to make each shawl, is carried out by hand and it takes an overall of 180 hours to deliver one single Shawl. Satisfying their purpose to protect from the cold, they are also known for their softness and embroidery. Wearing a Pashmina shawl wherever you are in the world, will always be a matter of great pride.

Block Printing

Originating in the hub of tradition, heritage, and art of India, Rajasthan, Block Printing is an art of the ages. A part of the textile industry, it is primarily carried out on cotton along with silk and lines material. First, woodblocks are carefully designed and prepared. Then, the process of stamping and printing begins. Maintaining uniformity, deciding the style and using multiple woodblocks based on color are the prime areas of focus in Block Printing. Extremely popular for cotton clothing, even in international markets, Jaipur Handicrafts always shine.


As the name suggests, the design is based on flower work. Origination from Punjab and Haryana, it is a superior form of embroidery. Back in the day, it was mostly done on shawls, using threads and strategy of beginning at the center. However, with time, it has drawn the attention of designers who use it on Bridal clothing, cushions, bags and even Jackets. Colorful combinations with neat work and outstanding implementation define the beauty of Phulkari work.



Based in Saharanpur, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, wood carving is used for different products like statues, toys, boxes, lanterns or even furniture. The air tastes like sawdust and you can see the huge network of artists constantly working in the streets of Saharanpur. Different kinds of woods like Sheesham, Ebony, Sal, and Teak are used with utmost finesse, care, and patience to bring out the best results. Indian Woodworks are the perfect example of the quality that comes with experience.

So, search online or make a travel trip but don’t miss out on these wonderful and original products, made by the soul of Indian Heritage, the artisans.