Top Five Kayak Adventure Places in India and safety tips to follow while kayaking

Kayaking is an adventurous sport that uses a boat like structure called kayak. So in short kayaking is the activity of traveling into the water bodies with the help of a kayak. In order to explore your favorite water bodies, especially rivers and sea kayaking is the best way.
Because it offers more time spending on water with a peaceful and calm environment. Because surfing or any other such sport in water will only provide excitement but it is hard to connect with Mother Nature.

However, kayaking is an easy way to be in touch with the water bodies to feel them so closely. The kayaking can also help the persons to include fishing and diving in the menu. Because you can transport to places where you need to dive or catch fishes with the help of the kayak. Therefore, it is a two in one sport.


According to Global Marine Renewable In India, kayaking is getting more popular nowadays and it is important to know the five important places you should consider before starting your journey within India for kayaking.

Even though India is completely filled with many beaches and rivers you should know these places as they are unique and offers you an unforgettable experience in many ways.

Five Popular Kayaking Spots In India

The Brahmaputra and its tributaries

The Brahmaputra is an important river system in India and it passes through Tibetan plateau and Arunachal Pradesh. Because of its longest travel in different countries, it is possible to enjoy both the kayaking along with other activities like camping. You can explore villages like jedu, palsi and Brahmaputra river system you can easily find many rapids and the tooth fairy is one such rapid that you should not miss enjoying. Just plan the trip for at least ten days because it is hard to explore the river within a few days.



Rishikesh is so famous for its several rapids because they are heavier and can provide a great adventurous experience for kayakers. The travel distance is almost above 10 kilometers and it starts from a place called the Brahmaputra. You should not miss two important rapids named as double trouble and terminator. It has a mix of normal stretches and wild rapids so you will be kayaking with adventure and a calm experience within the single expedition.

Kali River

If you want to enjoy the kayaking along with the scenery of wildlife then Kali River in Karnataka is the best choice. It starts with the place called Devprayag and it has a turbulent flow that is challenging for the kayakers. The Rajaji national park is an important spot through which you cross while continuing the kayaking in Kali River.

Kerala backwaters

Kerala is the most important place in south India for kayaking because it is a land of backwaters. It is different from rivers and sea because it is a perfect mixture of these two systems. Along with kayaking, you will enjoy the fishing in backwaters. Enjoy the lush green coconut farms lying on the sidelines of the backwaters.




Goa is a bit different other places because of its multiple cultural presences. You can enjoy kayaking at different beaches and the most important one among them is bambolim beach. Here you could also enjoy the sunset that is attracting many kayakers now. It is going to be an unforgettable trip to Goa with its beaches and backwaters.

Safety Considerations during kayaking

• Always wear a life jacket while kayaking because people tend to remove their life jacket at normal places in the river. However, they fail to wear it again and this could be affecting their safety.
• Wear clothes depending upon the temperature around you.
• Choose your paddle with practical knowledge. You should be familiar with it and never use a paddle for the first time in rapids.
• Avoid monsoon season for kayaking, as it could be hard for you.
• Do not dump your waste into the water bodies as an eco-friendly nature.

An adventurous try

So consider all the above points before selecting your kayaking trip and the northeastern part of India is so much preferred by the kayakers within India. Start with normal water bodies and then explore heavier rapids because of certain safety considerations. However, kayaking could provide a lifetime experience that one should not miss.