Top cloud hosting providers to run mission critical web applications

cloud hosting providers

A mission critical application is the one, which if failed will affect the day to day running of the business or damage its long-term viability. Through this article, we would love to enlighten you about various cloud hosting providers which are simply the best to run mission critical web application.

Amazon web services

It’s one of the undisputed market leaders in cloud hosting or computing. In reference to one of the quarterly financial report, it generated $2.9 billion in revenue. It truly one of the best cloud hosting providers to run mission critical web applications.



It has embraced the cloud with a full on demand service. It lists at no 2 and is known to be one of the best among the top cloud hosting providers.



We have IBM in the no 3 position and in addition to its massive services offering to help migrate to a cloud environment, IBM smartly grabbed PaaS provider Soft layer in 2014 and jump-started its on-demand offering, giving people platform and infrastructure as a service. It known to be one of the best globally and has a huge customer base and almost all of its customers have nothing but praises for their service provider for being one of the best and reliable at the same time.

HP Enterprise

It lists in the top five and is known for providing amazing services to its customers and clients. It has to offer an application development platform for cloud development and has an AWS-compatible platform for building private clouds called Eucalyptus among other features. It’s doing really good when it comes to cloud hosting services and has a huge customer base and still growing.


cloud hosting providers


Oracle, the on-premises software giant has heavily leveraged its offering into SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings and is recorded to be one of the best in the list with endless numbers of customers and has dominated in the world of cloud hosting services.



It provides both private and hybrid cloud management solution. It offers management, governance, and security across multiple public and private clouds. With a huge customer base, it has listed in the top 10 companies among the top cloud hosting providers.
These were few of the top cloud hosting providers and you can always rely on them.

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