Top 3 Educational Movies from Bollywood

educational movies

As a student, you have a lot to do and sometimes the little free time you have, you want to relax and watch a movie. Watching movies should be limited to avoid negative impacts on social life. There are several educational Bollywood movies which can be easily accessed over the internet or the movie libraries. There are cheaper options for watching the latest movie releases such as Netflix. Watching an educational movie is great because it not only provides relaxation and entertainment but also adds value to ace my paper and enjoy a fulfilling student’s life. The best thing about these movies they are educative and they motivate decision making. Some educational movies will incorporate historical events and they portray the advantages of working hard to better your life as a student.

1. Taare Zameen Par

The movie brought to light the fact that there are people abled differently when it comes to learning. The movie features a little boy who performed poorly academically and this got him to a boarding school. Surprisingly, an art teacher gets to meet Ishaan, the young boy and notices he learns differently because of dyslexia. The movie challenges the traditional system that does not have a support system for students who learn differently. The movie definitely brought a different perspective in the education industry for students with different learning abilities.


2. Nil Battey Sannata

This is a highly motivational movie. It features a character known as Chanda, who is a school dropout, a single mother and a housemaid. She is determined to see her daughter perform well in school and she wants to make sure it happens. To ensure her daughter performs well, Chanda joins her daughters’ school as a student. Obviously, the daughter is not comfortable with this idea, but the mother gives her a target that she will leave school if the daughter performs better than her in math studies. Chanda loves studies and does well in it challenging her daughter to beat her. The movie highlights education and poverty, but it is a great motivator for students.

3. 3 Idiots

Released in 2009, the film highlights the societal pressures that the Indian education system goes through. The movie relates to how intelligence and meaningful learning leads to great outcomes. It seriously challenges the mindset about education that discourages creativity and free thinking. 3 idiots follow their passions and what they feel happy about. It advises parents against choosing career paths for their children, instead, they should encourage them to work hard and chase after their dreams.

Movies are the best way to unwind, especially after a stressful and hectic schooling schedule. Movies entertain and for a moment they allow you to forget about your worries and they get rid of tension. Use the movie watching time as a social activity to involve your family and friends too, but should be done in moderation. Watching educational movies is a positive development which turns such an activity productive for students.