Top 3 Alternative Plagiarism Checkers for Copy Scape

There are several tools of each category available on the internet and it is not possible to depend on most of them. Only quality tools should be used particularly if you are seeking one to detect plagiarism. Low standard tools do not detect all traces of plagiarism. Even if one of them is missed, the entire assignment would be counted as plagiarized. Students have to adopt a serious approach and select the best plagiarism tool available. Looking at the rating of a tool and the reviews that users have about it does give you a clear idea. Copy Scape is a quality tool that detects plagiarism in a dependable manner. However, the following alternates exist as well.

The best three alternatives

If you talk about the three best alternatives for copy scape, you should consider the following alternatives.


1. Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

Students and teachers have their preferences when they are looking for plagiarism checking tools. One of the important preferences is that the tool should be online so that it can be used from anywhere at any time. If a tool is not online, users have to go through its installation procedure which is mostly lengthy. Other than that, offline plagiarism checkers can only be used through machines on which they have been installed. The Prepostseo plagiarism checker does not have this restriction. As it is an online tool, it can be used from any machine/device that has internet connectivity.

• Tools with complicated interfaces are hard to use. Users require time to get used to the features before they get a good grip on the tool. However, if you are using the Prepostseo plagiarism checker, you would not experience this problem. It has a very simple usage process. All you need to do is insert the required text in the text box provided. You can also provide the URL or upload the content document. The Prepostseo Plagiarism checker supports.DOCX and PDF formats for document uploading. Thus, if the content document is in.DOCX or PDF format, you can skip the step of copying text and pasting it in the text box.

Beneficial for both students and teachers

The Prepostseo plagiarism checking tool is helpful for both students and teachers. Students are always surrounded by tight deadlines of assignments. However, having a tight deadline does not mean that the assignment can be submitted without checking it for plagiarism. Assignments get rejected immediately and a black mark is created on the student reputation if he submits a copied paper.


A submission is not counted as plagiarized only if the entire content has been copied. Even if one paragraph has been copied, the assignment would be counted as copied. In a nutshell, no chances should be taken with the assignment originality. Using the Prepostseo tool simply means eliminating all chances of getting stuck with plagiarism.

• A quality plagiarism detecting tool comes in handy for teachers as well. If you talk about the schedule that teachers have, it is quite exhausting. Apart from checking assignments, they have to perform various other tasks as well. When it comes to checking assignments and other submissions, a bulk of submissions has to be checked for plagiarism. Content elaboration does not make any difference if it has been copied.

• The Prepostseo plagiarism tool is a complete tool to deal with plagiarism. Irrespective of what the content length is, each trace would be identified. In a nutshell, all the doubts about having copied content would be eliminated. This is a fast-paced online tool. In other words, users do not have to spend time on installations or wait for the checking process to be completed.



2. Plagiarism Checker

This is an amazing tool for all kinds of users. It is perfect for users who do not know anything about checking content for plagiarism. You do not need to gain any advanced knowledge because the tool would teach you each and everything. This tool educates the users in a stepwise manner so that they do not have to go through lengthy learning procedures.

• With the passage of time, offline applications that have to be downloaded and installed are getting out of vogue. Today, people prefer online tools so that the time spent on downloading can be saved. With the fast-paced schedules that people have these days, using online tools is a better option than downloading them. Plagiarism Checker is a 100% online tool so you can get going without downloading anything. For students, this is a sigh of relief as they do not have to spend time on installations. All they need to do is open the tool link and start using it.

• In terms of quality, a plagiarism checker is highly impressive. The best thing is that no mistakes are skipped or ignored. How is this helpful? When users are sure that no mistakes have been ignored, they do not have to perform a final check prior to submission. Once the content has been scanned through a plagiarism checker, it can be submitted right away. In a nutshell, if you are seeking a top-notch tool to deal with plagiarism, this is surely one of the best alternatives.


3. PlagScan

Some plagiarism checking tools are used by both individuals and businesses. PlagScan is one of these tools. It is an online tool so no downloads or installations need to be performed. This tool is a quick irrespective of what the content length is. It takes a very short while to check the lengthiest of content chunks.


Plagiarism is a serious problem that ruins the reputation and educational progress of a lot of students. There are a number of reasons due to which students get struck by this problem. The most common cause is not using a quality plagiarism checking tool. A dependable tool can surely save you from all kinds of plagiarism problems. If any part or section of the content is copied, you would know about it clearly.