Top 10 World Records in Sports by Indians which no media highlights

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Talk about the stronghold India has in the field of world cricket or the recent accolades that Indian sportsmen have brought back home from world championships, it would be no exaggeration to state that India is a powerhouse of talent. Here are 10 Top 10 World Records in Sports by Indians which are memorable till date.

Top 10 World Records in Sports by Indians

#1. India’s glorious football days – 1951 to 1962


The 1950s and 60s, known to be the glorious years of Indian football, saw the team rank in the world top 20. The Indian football team won the 1951 and 1962 Asian Games as well as finished fourth in 1956 Olympics.

#2. India’s first individual Olympic medal – 1952

Indians made their mark in the world of wrestling with Jadhav becoming the first Indian to won an individual Olympic medal, a bronze, in 1952 Summer Olympics.


#3. The Hockey World Cup victory – 1975

A historical moment for Indian Hockey was when India won the world cup in 1975 against the arch rivals, Pakistan.

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#4. The victorious foray into Badminton – 1980

Prakash Padukone created history for Indian Badminton by winning all England Badminton titles. His achievements won him the Arjuna award as well as the Padma Shri.

#5. Indian Golf shines at Asian Games – 1982


Indian golf had not gathered momentum till the year 1982 when Indian teams won a gold, a feat that was repeated in 2006 Asian Games when India got its silver.

#6. Cricket and the rest is history – 1983 & 2011

India started garnering world attention with the remarkable victory of the ICC Cricket World Cup 1983. In 2011, the Indian Cricket team brought back the World Cup again.

#7. India’s foray into F1 – 2005


Narain Karthikeyan became the first Indian at the Formula One motor racing event and introduced the country to another passion.

#8. A record that no one can break – 2007

Six sixes in an over with a half century in 12 balls; a record that is hard to imagine! Yuvraj Singh led India to be the first T20 champions in this game against England when he made this remarkable record.

#9. History at Olympics – 2008

Abhinav Bhindra’s Gold at 2008 Olympics makes him the first Indian to get an individual Gold medal, history is created!


#10. Adding to the ‘golden’ moments at Asian Games – 2014

At 2014 Asian moments, there were quite a few moments for Indians to cherish. Mary Kom’s Gold stood out as a defining moment for women’s boxing in India.

From gradually increasing the medal tallies at international sporting events to making a mark for themselves across different games and international sports, India has got itself the recognition it deserves.