Top 10 technologies in 2020 which are more than a prediction

technologies in 2020

Based on strategies and plans, there is no doubt 2020 is going to be an awesome year. Technology has been improving on a daily basis. The good thing about this is that our lives get better as technology improves. So what’s in for 2020? Come, let’s travel ahead and look at the stunning technologies in 2020 on today’s read.

Top 10 Technologies in 2020

China will connect Beijing to London via high-speed rail

This is achievable based on the fact China is well advanced with technology compared to other countries. People will be able to connect between the two countries faster compared the slow trains. China will pay for the entire cost in exchange, they will be allowed to access natural resources ranging from minerals and timber among others.


technologies in 2020

Cars will drive themselves

Nothing is impossible when it comes to technology. Experts are doing their best to develop cars which drive themselves. We are hoping this will an ideal way of curbing road accidents. We don’t have the wireless technology yet, but we are hoping this will be achieved before 2020.

Biofuels to compete with fossil fuel

Many countries have pledged that they will start using energy from renewable resources. This means that there will be less competition when it comes to biofuels.That is not all; it also means cleaner vehicle fleets. This is very achievable. Most countries have invested a lot of resources in this research.

Universal translation will be common on mobile devices

Sounds good, doesn’t it? As we speak, this technology is underway. This will be made possible through a combination of different massive bodies of languages with the help of different Governments and Companies.


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Development of computers with processing power of a human brain

This is very much achievable. Let us look at how computers have developed over the years. This prediction was made a few years ago. Processing power means the operating ability. Let us hope this will be achievable before 2020.

All screens to be ultra-thin OLEDs

There is no doubt the display tech has moved at a very fast rate. Different mobile providers are hoping that all screens will be a thin OLED surface. We are soon going to witness the end of LCD monitors.


Japan will build a robot moon base

Japan is in another league when technology is concerned. There is no doubt they are capable of achieving this. Japan is the best country to develop a robot moon base.

technologies in 2020

We will be able to control devices with brains

Intel has predicted that we will be able to control devices microchips implanted in our brains. It is possible to implant microchips on our brains. However; there has been no much development when it comes to controlling these microchips.

Introduction of commercial space to take us to the moon and asteroids

This technology advancement has been discussed for a very long time. This can be achievable looking at the facts; there are rockets which reach to the moon and back. The US Government has really played a major role in this technological development. We are hopeful this will be achievable in 2020. Honestly speaking, who wouldn’t like to visit the moon?


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