Top 10 blogging trends in 2017

blogging trends

Blogging is a very common form of information sharing platform. Trends in 2017 have increased at a very rampant rate compared to the previous years. It is important to understand these trends as they will help you prepare your future marketing plans for your website or business. Here are some top blogging trends in 2017 so far.

Blogging Trends in 2017

Visual and Audio blogging

It is clear that internet users are becoming attracted to videos, photos, and audios among others. Bloggers are taking note of the above information. They have started using photos, videos and audios to emphasize on content.


If you are really keen, you will notice that some bloggers are going back to the ancient art of storytelling. Most bloggers are using either testimonials or personal accounts among others, to craft compelling narratives.

Product endorsement

There are some bloggers who are now marketing their own products. This has created the mindset that bloggers are shifting their attention to become entrepreneurs and influencers. The trend is to create a compelling content to advertise products.

Live streaming

Some bloggers are turning to live streaming to reach their targeted audience. They use platforms such as snap chat, Facebook live and YouTube live among others. Followers love watching live events as they happen.

Improved content

Poorly written web contents attract fewer people. In fact, people don’t like blogs with poorly written content. Internet users demand contents that are grammatically correct and easy to read. This trend has an increased drive for skilled writers.

Longer posts

In the past, most blogs range between 500 words however the blogs in 2017 are diverting away from this rule. Top rated blogs, on average range between 2000 words or more.

More engagement

The key towards growing a blog is not posting compelling contents. The secret is to constantly engage your readers. Most bloggers are currently engaging their readers by asking provocative questions or encouraging healthy discussions. Marketers take keynote on how people respond to posts.

blogging trends

Elimination of the comment section

Please note that there is a big difference between allowing readers to express their own personal opinions about blogs and allowing the entire audience to comment. Bloggers are getting rid of the comment section because some users take advantage of this feature to attack authors, spread hate speech or even berate others who comment. They simply provide the content.

Blogging as a business

2017 has seen a lot of bloggers using their blogs to generate multiple streams of income. Through this, more bloggers are focusing more on selling digital products such as e-books, information packs and online courses among others. There are others who branch out physical products.

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Data driven content

Bloggers have started creating posts based on past data. They simply look at some previous posts which had the most engagements. Bloggers also look at the most shared posts, liked or retweeted. They will use this information to plan their content and attract more readers.

So, how did you like this? Please let us know your feedback in the comments below. If any bloggers reading this then you can share the blogging trends if we have missed any.



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