To Save MLAs Leaving From The Party, HD Kumaraswamy Plans Malaysia Trip For Them

“I will not allow the BJP Government to fall”, this is the statement passed by the former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy which has left Karnataka politics into deep confusion. The JD(s) leader has made this statement raising both his eyebrows towards Congress party as they look forward to imposing fresh elections in the state.

Showing a willingness to support the saffron party, HDK is going all out to save his party from a mass departure of legislators. To prevent such chaos he has proposed a trip for party legislators to Malaysia to strengthen the party atmosphere.


Saving the family’s legacy

In a bid to save his family’s political legacy and an exodus of MLAs from the party, HD Kumarswamy has planned a trip to Malaysia to save the havoc caused within his party. “There were some issues which the party leadership has promised to address. We will go to Malaysia as the trip was planned some time ago,” said Suresh Gowda, JD(s) MLA from Nagamangala.

Party already has its one eye focused on GT Devegowda who very much appears to move closer to BJP. Saving the evacuation, Party supremo HD Deve Gowda has said that along with GT Devegowda few others will go on a 3-day trip starting from November 3.

HDK’s BJP tilt

Kumarswamy, justifying his statement over BJP tilt talks, he told, “Congress wants to impose fresh elections on people at a time when thousands are reeling from floods and drought. I want the BJP government to continue in the interest of flood victims and farmers suffering from several droughts. Another election will certainly be a disaster.”


Following the trip, the party leadership has expressed a different opinion. Many have described this trip to be a disaster putting above the flood and drought situation in the state. Regarding the statement passed by Kumarswamy for his willingness to support BJP, the top leaders say that most of the party MLA’s are positive about this idea.