10 Simple Tips To Keep Your Body Hydrated During Summer

hydrated during summer

There was a time in winter, when you, amidst the shivering cold wished for the summer to come soon. And it has come. Now, there is a new challenge. Because of the scorching heat, you can suffer from dehydration. It is well-known that the human body contains sixty percent of water and hydration is necessary for your overall health. The water or shall we say, the fluid in the human body possess the ability to optimize the blood pressure, regulate the body temperature, can move toxins and unwanted substances from the body and can also aid in the process of digestion. In this article, you will get valuable tips on how to keep your body hydrated during the summer.

Weather reports are saying that the temperature is going to gradually increase, from March to May and it is predicted that it could hit 39 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius, nothing less than that. As a cue to this, the city witnessed 32 degrees Celsius on Sunday and Monday whereas the coastal regions of Karnataka experienced the boiling 38 degrees.

hydrated during summer

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Because of the high temperature, and physical activity in the open air, you can lose valuable body fluid via sweating as well as evaporation.

Dehydration Symptoms

You associate dehydration with some simple problems of the body such as fatigue, muscle cramps, dry mouth, loss of appetite, mild constipation, change in moods as well thirst. But there is one factor which is missing in many articles on the internet. Dehydration can affect the brain. Similar to the human body, even the brain consists of 73 percent of water. If you do not keep the requirement, then the thought process and concentration can suffer. As per medical research, doctors have set the intake of water for male adults as 3.7 liters and 2.7 liters for women. It doesn’t mean you only have to drink plenty of water. You can also consume a diet consisting of hydrating vegetables and whole fruits to keep going on all through the summer. In fact, twenty percent of your body needs for water comes from other sources.

But yes, the guidelines will vary for different persons and their work routine in the day. If you are an athlete and prone to sweating, then you have to drink more than the specified amount of water. Keeping your body hydrated during summer has more benefits. It can reduce the intensity/duration of migraine headaches. It can also lead to a decrease in the formation of kidney stones.

hydrated during summer

How To Stay Hydrated

Agreed, in this era of fast-paced life, you barely get time to relish the food. There are times, you often neglect the body symptoms in your quest for gaining wealth, knowledge etc. Mentioned below are some simple tips to keep yourself hydrated.

1. Always carry a water bottle. If the job includes desk tasks, keep one on the desk. Viewing a water bottle regularly makes you sip from the bottle all the day, making the body stay hydrated.

2. Do you feel a mid-day slump after a heavy lunch? Opt for a fruit juice to rejuvenate the body tissues.

3. Herbal tea – Want to practice this habit? You add one more cup of valuable fluid to the tummy. The best part – herbal teas have the ability to drive away stress.

4. Natural Diet – When you consume vegetables and fruit, your body has no problem in the digestion process of natural content. But, when you regularly intake artificial snack foods such as crackers and chips, they contain very less water content.

5. Abstain from drinking alcohol, tea, and coffee. Alcohol consumption can give rise to extreme dehydration to the body.

6. Coconut Water – The water is very delicious and possesses electrolytes. It can make the best alternative to water in the hot summer. But stay away from the sweet variety, if you have diabetes and other related ailments.

7. Fed up with drinking more water to keep the body hydrated? Go for the fruits and vegetables containing water. Think of cucumber, watermelon, and pumpkins.

8. You can wear clothes that are lightweight. If you are wearing the wrong type of clothes, then you can suffer from sweating, thus leading to dehydration in the red-hot summer. Settle for clothes that are made of cotton, linen, lace and synthetic fibers.

9. Abstain from drinking alcohol-containing liquid. In a party, under a hot environment, drink plenty of water after consuming alcohol. If you are going out in the open on a hot sunny day, do not drink alcohol.

10. Do not wait till the body craves for water. Due to changing environmental conditions, dehydration can happen at a fast pace. You need not wait till you feel thirsty.

It is time to get started. So do not wait till the body jerks up. Enjoy the summer and the bright sun rays. Let the water content in your body remain balanced so that you remain fit and happy. Remember only when you stay in the best of health, you can enjoy life. Cheers!!

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