14 Useful Tips to Stay Healthy during the Ramzan Season


So, the time has come for our Muslim brethren, the month to feel one with the Supreme Power. Nearly 1.80 billion Muslims around the globe will welcome the Holy Month of Ramzan on May 16. For some countries, their first day of fast will start on May 17. The reason, this month is so auspicious for them is because this period was the time, the Holy Quran was given to Prophet Muhammed by the Supreme Power. If statistics are to be taken, it was on one of the last ten days of Ramzan, popularly called as Laylat al-Qadr.

The hours of fast will also depend on the country you live. If you are located in Oslo, Norway, the fast duration will be 19 hours. If you stay in East Jerusalem (occupied Palestine), the fasting will be for 15 hours. If you stay in the other part of the Equator such as Argentina, the fasting duration will be just 12 hours.


The fasting will begin from sunrise till sunset. In the duration, which they strictly follow for one entire month, they should refrain from consumption of food and even water. They should not swallow even their own saliva. Although this practice is customary for Muslims, modern science praises it to be a month where any human being can install empathy, and practice self-discipline from any bad habits. After the Ramzan is complete, they can easily free themselves from the evil practices (if any). It is told, that a generous act/charity, given during this month gets ten times more benefits to the giver from the Prophet.


Agreed, you have to follow the practice, but it can be grueling for the Muslim brothers who stay in hot regions especially in Asian countries. We have compiled some easy tips to help them get their best BLESSINGS from the Prophet. It is necessary to inculcate the best eating habits in the regime to get the best benefits in this month and to stay in the best of health.

Tips to Stay Healthy During Ramzan Season

1. First Meal of The Day

Suhour is the name of the first meal consumed on a fasting day. But, it is eaten before dawn. It is essential that you include fiber-rich foods, proteins, carbohydrates in the first meal along with sufficient quantity of water. The reason, you need not only energy but water to keep the body hydrated.


Remember, you can consume food only at dusk which is called Iftaar. So, Suhour needs to be given prime importance as the food you take has to sustain for the entire duration. The best foods are oats, and wheat-containing foods such as brown rice, wheat bread, buckwheat, and barley.

health tips for ramzan

2. Consume Sweets and Pastries

So, please take note never to consume sweets and pastries. The reason, the body will eliminate extra sugar from the body. You can feel dehydrated. Nutritionists advise on the inclusion of fruits and vegetables, preferably salads. Even fatty foods need to be avoided, as along with sugars, they can cause acidity.


3. Do not go for a Hefty Workout.

Do you need to workout? Yes, but do not go for weights and long run-sprints. Your body may get tired as food consumption is nil during the day. If you are going to work, you will feel more strained. You can perform light exercises to keep the blood flow and heart rate perfect. Cardio exercises are fine. But the rule is – never go for the extreme.


4. Do not skip food during the Suhour time

Our sincere request is, do not skip food during the Suhoor time. Agreed, it may become difficult for your body to adjust. You may not feel hungry before dawn. But you can go for a glass of milk, dates and few almonds. But if you have become accustomed, then go for wheat kabobs with chicken.

5. Opt for Foods rich in Nutrients

During the process of fasting, acidity level can go on a hike. You can experience gastric problems and uneasiness in the stomach. So opt for foods rich in nutrients such as pomegranate, banana etc.

6. Remember, Sugar burns out fast in your body.

Refrain from partaking salty oiled foods, or you will experience bloating problems. Spicy foods can promote acidity and also increase thirst. You want to go for chocolate and sweets! By all means! But please remember, sugar burns out fast in your body. You will experience hunger again. Since you are already on a fast, the glucose will turn to fat. You will gain weight.


7. Do not Go for Coffee

At any time, do not go for coffee. There is a famous proverb – “Coffee killed the famous English poet Shelley at the age of forty.” Any item which contains the ingredient of caffeine (tea, coffee, sodas) should be avoided. The reason, caffeine takes off calcium from the system and you will start feeling hungry. There are chances, of coffee-making problems with your tummy as you fast all day.

how to stay healthy during ramzan

8. Go for An Ideal Drink

Another factor to be remembered does not drink tea. Tea has the ability to enhance the amount of salt depletion from the body via the urine. You can feel dehydrated. The ideal drink will be any of the fruit juices, lime water. Or the best, you can drink strawberry juice.

9. Do not over eat during the Iftaar period.

Instead of consuming water first during Suhour or Iftaar, opt for fruit juices. It will enhance the digestive process in the body. Yes, the body may get tired. But not your soul as it gets inclined spiritually during this month. In the entire year, you get a month to convey thanks to the Almighty who has given a human existence to your Holy Soul. So, make the best of it. But do not overeat during the Iftaar period.

10. End the fast with Dates.

During the Iftaar, traditional Muslims end the fast by taking a date. Yes, the practice has numerous health benefits. The date has natural sugars and when consumed, offers fast releasing energy resources to your digestive system. If you do not have dates in the home, opt for fruit juices. They will give the same benefits as the dates. When it comes to food, include the bunch of vegetables which contain starch such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice etc. You can also include protein-based food such as lean meat or fish. When it comes to natural fats, opt for dairy products.



11. Do not Gobble up the food.

You may be hungry, but please do not gobble up the food as it may lead to indigestion. Please note, that in the dusk times, your tummy has to work overtime. So, eat slowly as your body will take some time to welcome the food, digest it and provide energy to the body.

12. Have a Diet Plan.

For the night, it is advisable to have a diet plan for the entire family. Especially for children. They need to stay hydrated. So, ensure that they consume at least the required quantity of water as per age.

13. Yogurt and Fruits are Good.

Instead of deep-fried foods, go for grilled, baked or shallow fried foods. Swap heavy foods with light alternative food. In case, you are living in the US, go for the alternatives other than cake/chocolate. Opt for yogurt and fruit.

14. Useful Tip

Keep A Diary At Least For This Month – If there is one factor which can pose a challenge to your devotion towards the Lord, it is energy to the body and the soul. So, take the challenge, and fuel the mental energy to sustain the energy required for the body. But yes, as all motivational experts speak and advise, it is better to start writing a diary at least for this month.

health tips for ramzan

Every religion is based on humanitarian principles. The sole aim of any religion is one and only ONE. To give happiness and comfort to the persons who follow the religion. And when it means practices, it involves certain rituals and traditions, which when followed can bring YOU to your INNER SELF. When you realize the Supreme Power, you can handle any challenges or failure in life.


Yes, that is Ramadan. And let us hope that this time, you fulfill the practices as your soul demands. And may you get the changes needed to prosper in the future.

Happy Ramzan.

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