Tips for Choosing the Right Name for Your Business

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If a business name is just another name, why should you take time and effort trying to create a name for your enterprise? What is in a name, after all? To some people, getting a business name is not a big hassle as long as it is available at the registrar of company’s office. However, names have power, and can influence your overall corporate identity in the market. In the successive sections of this post, WritingBee’s business experts will explore what it takes to create an appropriate name for your new business. Reading on will help you to update yourself with more about this topic.

Make It Appealing

Do you want to get the best name for your business? Then it is needful to choose a name that appeals to your customers because identity attracts people.

Thinks About Emotions

Since you are appealing to a market segment, you need to consider the emotional side of the name. The reason is that it takes more than just logic to sell product or services to people. People make buying decisions based on emotions and then use their logic to justify and explain them. For instance, a man can act emotionally and buy a prestige vehicle to enhance his ego. But when you ask him why he spent $300,000 to buy another car while the last one he bought is still functional, he will say that this new model has “more advanced features.” However, the truth is that this man was buying prestige, and not advanced features.

Regarding buying into your business name, you can integrate it with a relevant emotional aspect of some of the benefits the business confers. For instance, if you offer post trauma counseling services, you can add the word “solace” to the business name because everyone wants to enjoy solace. So, you could name your professional counseling business “Solace Post Trauma Counseling Services.” This way, you would have reached to their emotional core while giving them a logical clarity of what your business is about—offering post trauma counseling help.

Don’t Confuse Your Audience

It is beneficial to remember that your name is a communication tool. Therefore, you have to avoid confusing them with names that will not add value to you or them. For instance, if you need to explain or apologize for your business name, then you have chosen the wrong identity. You don’t need to explain what the name is for your customers to understand your business.

Engage Creativity

When choosing a name for your new business, it is also necessary to engage your creativity and formulate something unique. However, you need to add a suffix that identifies your industry. For instance, if you created a name like “JAMIC” as a combination of James and Michael, then you need to add a prefix that will make it easy for your users to know whether it is a supermarket, an auto shop, or whatever it is.

Don’t Be Trendy

You need to be wary of trends when choosing a name for your new business. Don’t plunge into the trends of the moment to name your business only to find out that a few years later the fad has died and you need to re brand. If you need re branding, it should not be because your previous name has run out of “steam.”

Don’t Confine Yourself

If you intend to expand in the future, you don’t need to confine yourself to a particular category or location. For instance, don’t confine yourself to your city and register a name like “Dubai Uniforms” when you intend to expand to Abu Dhabi after five years. Also, you don’t need to limit yourself to a specific product if you intend to add more. For instance, don’t name your business “Tokyo Rubber Stamps” when you will soon be selling other office stuff such as pens. It is better to name it “Tokyo Stationery” to allow for more products.

We believe the insights we have share have enlightened you in this area. The ball is now in your court to do the right thing when you step out into your business.



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