TikTok Star-Turned-BJP Leader Sonali Phogat Slapped An Official Repeatedly With Slippers

A video has emerged which sees TikTok star-turned-BJP leader Sonali Phogat slapping an official repeatedly with slippers, allegedly over a comment he made. The video has now gone viral on the internet.

The incident

On Friday, Sonali, who lost the state assembly elections last year, went to inspect a farmer’s market. She went with a list of farmers’ complaints to Sultan Singh, a member of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee, who allegedly made an objectionable comment.


It is then that Phogat started slapping the officer. It can also be seen in the video that throughout the act, the officer was pleading with her saying he would look into the complaints.

The police were later called and complaints have been booked both against the official and Phogat. The official said: “She said look at me and talk. Do you know me, she asked. I said I know you fought the polls from Adampur. I have noted everything and will get things done, I told her. Then she asked me, why did you oppose me in the elections? I have no family in Adhampur, I told her. I said, how will I vote in your constituency and you are blaming me so long after the elections. She then started saying, “You are abusing me.” I kept saying I didn’t abuse. Suddenly, I was getting slapped from all sides.

Controversy’s child

Phogat has been at the center of controversies since last year. In one of her campaigns during the elections, her comments had received a lot of criticism. She had said: “Are you all from Pakistan? If you are Indian then say Bharat Mata ki Jai,” she was heard saying in a video. When her call didn’t inspire an enthusiastic response, she said: “I am ashamed of you all… that there are Indians like you… Those who can’t say Jai for their nation, for the sake of petty politics… Those who can’t say ‘Bharat Mata Ki jai’, their votes are of no value.


Source: NDTV