Thurthu Nirgamana: A Rare, Bold And Interesting Attempt In Sandalwood

The Kannada Film Industry is unfurling its wings and trying out fresh genres every weekend. However, the sci-fi genre is something the filmmakers have been away from attempting. That said, the Sandalwood audience can brace themselves as an interesting film is releasing this weekend.

ThurthuNirgamana, arriving at the theatres on June 24th, is directed by Hemanth Kumar L and is produced by Kumar and Kumar Films, in association with Shylaja Pictures. Featuring Sunil Rao in the lead role, the film boasts of a stellar star cast. The trailer has already left an impression and the premier shows have increased the buzz. There is an expectation that the film will kickstart a new wave in the industry.


ThurthuNirgamana boasts of a top star cast

At the epicenter of the film is Excuse me fame Sunil Rao, who is coming back to the big screen after a prolonged gap. He looks fresh on-screen and as witnessed in the web series ‘Loose Connection’, the audience can keep an eye on the actor’s comic timing.

Apart from Sunil, the film has a slew of established actors. While Achyuta Kumar, Raj B Shetty, Sudharani, and Aruna Balraj are the veterans, the film also features the likes of Hitha Chandrashekhar and Samyukta Hegde.

A rare and a bold attempt

It is almost a rarity when a Sandalwood film with a sci-fi concept comes across. While ThurthuNirgamana promises that, it also has elements of mystery, suspense, and magical realism. A film like this needs to be backed well for the output to come in an intended way. In this regard, the makers seem to have done a great job, going by what the trailer has shown.


In fact, Sudharani, who plays a nurse in this film, has even said that the film is one of the best that she has acted in so far. With such kind of validation and promise, ThurthuNirgamana is fast becoming a great idea for the moviegoers from this Friday.

Here’s the Trailer: